Stagecoach bus driver accused of ignoring Muslim commuters

first_imgA complaint has been made against the bus company Stagecoach Group regarding alleged incidents of Islamophobic discrimination along Cowley Road.According to a complaint made against Stagecoach Group Muslim commuters were ignored on two separate occasions by company bus drivers on the number 10 bus route. The complaint was submitted to ‘Tell MAMA’ (Measuring Anti Muslim Attacks), a project that records anti-Muslim abuse in the UK.On the first occasion, the complainant stated, a couple who “were obviously Muslim… tried to flag the bus down but the driver despite seeing them completely ignored them and continued to drive on.” In the second instance, a bus driver “deliberately chose to drive on” after “being flagged down by a group of people, one of whom was clearly wearing a Hijab and clearly identifiable as a Muslim.”In a written response to the complainant, a Stagecoach employee apologised for the incidents, saying, “I can see the situations you described. I am at a loss to explain why the driver did not stop. I completely understand how these incidents have been interpreted. I give you my assurances that matters of this nature are treated very seriously. We are an equal opportunities employer who ensures that all customers, employees or job applicants are treated fairly and equally.”Further assurances were also made, including a formal interview with the driver and an investigation “in line with the Company’s disciplinary procedure.”In a statement to Cherwell, a spokeswoman for Stagecoach Group said, “We would be very disappointed to hear of any situation where a driver is found not to have stopped for passengers waiting at a bus stop. We have investigated the matter fully, including viewing CCTV and speaking to the driver involved.“There was one occasion on which a customer remained inside the bus shelter as the vehicle passed the stop and did not appear to clearly indicate a desire to board that particular bus. There were a number of other buses in the area at the time. In addition, we have not found any evidence to suggest that the driver’s behaviour on this occasion was racially motivated.“The welfare of our customers is of the utmost importance to us and we are very clear that anyone employed by Stagecoach should treat both customers and colleagues fairly and with respect and that we will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”According to Tell MAMA, transport is one area where victims of anti-Muslim abuse “consistently raise concerns.” The organisation was founded in February 2012 to record physical, verbal, written and online attacks against Muslims and provide support to the victims. In 2014-2015, 548 verified incidents were reported.Kiran Benipal, Co-Chair of OUSU’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE), told Cherwell of her “horror and disgust” at the alleged incident, stating that “the racial tension which it highlights is particularly poignant at this time of the year – Ramadan.”“Incidents such as this one and those similar have become all too commonplace, and are too rarely logged. Instead, they have become anecdotes for Oxford BME residents and students to share and momentarily reflect on, before they return to the reality of Oxford life as a ‘racial minority.’”last_img read more

Gov. Holcomb eases steps for people to receive aid during coronavirus crisis

first_img (Photo supplied/Holcomb for Governor) Governor Eric Holcomb has announced additional steps the state is taking to help Hoosiers who are impacted by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 to reduce the spread of the virus.Under Gov. Holcomb’s direction:All state agencies are evaluating rules and regulations that should be suspended or modified to assist Hoosiers during this public emergency.Hoosiers who need to renew their Medicaid eligibility will get more time to complete the process. No services will be interrupted.Family Social Services Administration (FSSA) has asked federal officials to approve a request to temporarily waive the renewal process for Hoosiers who need SNAP or TANF benefits.Hoosiers on Medicaid will not pay co-pays for COVID-19 testing. More information is here.Hoosiers on Medicaid can get 90-day refills of medication for chronic conditions.State officials are collaborating with the Indiana Department of Education to discuss solutions regarding student assessments and meals for children whose schools have closed. DOE issued this guidance for schools regarding the 20-day waiver of the required 180 instructional days that Gov. Holcomb announced on Thursday.FSSA has given daycares specific guidance to protect children in their care. The latest guidance is here.Community meals for senior citizens are being converted to home meal deliveries. Local partners, such as Area Agencies on Aging, have been given funding flexibility to cover the added costs of delivering meals. Thousands of meals are being served daily.Every community has a child care resource and referral agency to connect parents with local child care options and provide referrals for support. Families can find their local Child Care Resource and Referral by calling 800-299-1627 or by consulting this map. By 95.3 MNC – March 13, 2020 0 223 Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews Twitter Gov. Holcomb eases steps for people to receive aid during coronavirus crisis Twitter Facebook Facebook Previous articlePresident declares a national emergency in response to coronavirusNext articleSt. Joseph County creates info hotline for people without medical care providers 95.3 MNCNews/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel is your breaking news and weather station for northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.last_img read more

‘The marketing of your business digitally is something you must do… and do well’

first_imgA word of warning for the baking industry: the rules of business are changing, and the pace of change is accelerating. You are now doing business in a digital world and your company must keep up, or will become outdated and irrelevant.The marketing of your business digitally isn’t something you should be considering, it is something you must do… and do well.Imagine it’s a Saturday morning. A potential customer, hungry for freshly baked bread, hits your Facebook page.They message you to see what loaves are on sale, but you don’t reply. In fact, you haven’t updated the page in weeks. How does that reflect on your business and brand?Badly. It shows you aren’t taking care of the details. If you walked into a shop, asked the server a question and were completely ignored, how would you feel? Under-appreciated?It’s no different if a customer messages your Facebook page and you don’t respond.It’s not good enough to answer next week, the next day or even that afternoon. The customer wants an answer now.Customers are more demanding than ever before, and they are vocal. If they don’t like something, they won’t just tell their friends, they will tell their followers too.The good news is that, according to Facebook, 87% of your competition isn’t responding. So imagine for a minute if you do respond. You become part of the top 13%. That’s a huge opportunity for your business.At 7am, when your product is going on sale, you could  photograph it and share it with your online audience. That’s instant marketing.People love food. I expect  they love your food and they  will love sharing food pictures.What an incredible way to market the products you put so much love and care  into producing.Here are a few suggestions:  Film your baking process, showing the love and care  you deliver; Create seasonal content; Encourage the audience to interact with posts by showing two products and asking your followers which they like best.In your business there are so many opportunities to create content, from the staff, the products, the flow of customers, the history and more.Your customers want to hear your story, so tell it.About the authorSteven Foster is MD of social media marketing agency The Magic Octopuslast_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee Delivers A Masterful Set Of Improvisation With Joshua Redman In Portland [Review]

first_imgUmphrey’s McGee pushed on with their northeast run last night, stopping at the famed State Theater in Portland, Maine for a wild night of live music. The band continues to miss guitar player Jake Cinninger as a result of a “wicked flu” and doctor’s orders to rest up at home, however, they certainly made up for his absence with a high-octane performance that was filled with highlights. Modern jazz saxophone master Joshua Redman joined them for almost the entirety of the show, and jam starlets Spafford provided an the awesome opening set that set the tone for the evening. After a second set composed entirely of improvisation and a raucous response from the amped up audience, it’s clear that Umphrey’s McGee continues to be one of the best live bands in the game.Spafford crushed their opening set. After hitting the East Coast this week for a pair of headlining shows, they reconnected with Umphrey’s for another weekend as their supporting act. They turned in a fun performance in New Haven on Thursday night, but last night’s set at the State Theatre really saw them hit their stride with another forty-five minute, four-song performance. The band performed “In The Eyes Of Thieves”, “Galisteo’s Way”, “People”, and “Ain’t That Wrong”, and they were totally on fire throughout. Guitarist Brian Moss was locked in and showed off his impressive skills throughout the set, linking up with the rest of the band for several exciting moments and tight transitions.Umphrey’s McGee took the stage at 9:15 PM, and they immediately launched into one of their most beloved songs, “2×2”. This multi-sectional classic was only played two shows ago–Sunday night at Penn’s Peak–as the band continued to rotate their catalog unconventionally to accommodate for Cinninger’s absence. “2×2” would mark the first of three songs throughout the evening that debuted before Cinninger joined the band. The song itself was stretched to around seventeen minutes long and showcased everything that’s great about Umphrey’s McGee: tight composition, ambitious improvisation, and a true dedication to their craft. Brendan Bayliss was a revelation on guitar, shining brightly during his traditional triumphant solo at the song’s end.After the opening number, Bayliss quickly introduced Redman, who would remain on stage with the band for the remainder of the opening frame. They started up “Bad Friday,” and the crowd responded with a huge wave of excited energy to the song’s thumping beat and funky vibes. Redman wasted no time in making his presence known, harmonizing with Bayliss on the song’s verses and adding an awesome solo that quickly established his intentions for the night. The self-titled track from Umphrey’s 2004 album Anchor Drops came next, a fan-favorite that is always welcome on any night. The jazzy-vibes were the perfect launchpad for Redman’s style and provided another opportunity for him to shine.The band kept it moving with a rare cover of “When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around” by The Police. This was the highlight of the first set, as the band built up to a huge peak in the middle of the song, then, after finishing the final chorus, wound their way into “Professor Wormbog” with a slick and out-there transition. Redman continued his dominance, relishing in his featured role with inspired playing that whipped the crowd into a frenzy. The second pre-Jake song of the evening, the heartfelt “Hajimemishite,” provided a breather after the raging cover that came before it. Then, keyboardist Joel Cummins paid homage to Cinninger by taking over lead vocals in his absence on “Mail Package.” Cummins did admirably on the song, and he stepped up in general without Jake there for the evening. The crowd roared in approval as the band completed the song, and they walked off stage to prepare for their pending full set of improvisation.After a standard set break, Umphrey’s McGee returned the stage for their highly anticipated set of improv. To the excitement of everyone in the room, Redman joined them from the outset. Drummer Kris Meyers kicked things off with a funky beat, and the band quickly latched on and dropped into their first idea of the set. Bayliss would lead them into a more sinister rock section, and they weaved in and out of the ideas for a bit before keeping it funky. Redman and Bayliss would then link up for an awesome dual solo, chasing each other musically for a few minutes while building the tension masterfully. Eventually, they dropped back into the previously-played rock section, before once again falling back into the funk and staying there for a good amount of time.At around the thirteen-minute mark, Cummins took the lead with a rhythmic keyboard part that the band used to influence their next direction. Meyers and percussionist Andy Farag kept increasing the tempo, and Redman and Bayliss continued to push each other with lots of tension-and-release playing. Meyers then cut the tempo tremendously, which created tons of space for Redman to fill. Ryan Stasik is often the dark horse for MVP during these improv sets, seamlessly flowing through so many genres of music without missing a beat. It was more of the same from Stasik last night, providing a rock-solid foundation for the band to build on.Redman would walk off stage with a few minutes to spare, giving the band an opportunity to create some fresh music together, and Bayliss used this as an opportunity do try out some new lyrics with a lyrical “Jimmy Stewart” segment that brought the improvisational second set to an end. The entire second set was filled with moments of pure improvisation. It would be impossible to describe every nook and cranny of the sixty-five-minute journey, so make sure to check out full audio from the show (also embedded below) to fully experience this masterful set of music. The band wove in so many different genres of music throughout the set, adding elements of metal, progressive rock, jazz, funk, and more to the excellent improvisational effort.For the encore, Umphrey’s would leave Redman behind to perform two songs on their own. They started off with their third and final pre-Cinninger song of the evening, the fun rock tune”Much Obliged”. The old-favorite was met with a huge cheer, giving long time fans one more chance to sing along after an excellent evening of music. Then, the band moved into a spot-on cover of “Ophelia” by The Band to close the evening. The song was last performed at The Major Rager in Augusta, GA back in 2016, a gap of seventy-six shows, and it was only their seventh-ever performance of the classic song.Umphrey’s McGee threw down an incredible performance in Portland last night, and thanks to taper opsopcopolis, you can listen to full, high-quality audio from the show below. Umphrey’s McGee, Joshua Redman, and Spafford continue their run through the Northeast this evening with a show at the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.Umphrey’s McGee | State Theater | Portland, ME | 1/27/2017Set 1: 2×2[1], Bad Friday[2], Anchor Drops[2], When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around[2] > Professor Wormbog[2], Hajimemashite[2], Mail Package[3]Set 2: Chapter 11[2] > Chapter 12[2] > Chapter 13[2] > Chapter 14[2] > Chapter 15[2] > Chapter 16[2] > Chapter 17[2] > Chapter 18[2] > Chapter 19[2], Chapter 20[4] > Chapter 21Encore: Much Obliged > Ophelia[1] with Feels So Good (Chuck Mangione) teases[2] with Joshua Redman on saxophone[3] with Joshua Redman on saxophone and Joel on vocals[4] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyricsNotes:entire show without Jakethe second set was completely improvised[setlist courtesy of]last_img read more

Sea.Hear.Now Festival Announces 2019 Headliners: Dave Matthews Band & The Lumineers

first_imgSea.Hear.Now Festival will return to North Beach Asbury Park and Bradley Park in Asbury Park, New Jersey for its second year on September 21st-22nd, 2019.The ocean-side festival revealed its top two headliners on Tuesday morning: Dave Matthews Band and The Lumineers. The full “music and surfing lineup” will be released in early Spring with more than 25 performances on three stages. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, January 23, at 10 am EST here.The inaugural Sea.Hear.Now lineup featured performances by headliners Jack Johnson and Incubus, along with Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Brandi Carlile, Blondie,and Social Distortion, which included a surprise appearance from Bruce Springsteen, and more. Legendary rock photographer, filmmaker and Jersey Shore native Danny Clinch recreated his Transparent Gallery and showcased his own collection of iconic images of artists on the lineup in addition to artwork created by those musicians. Additionally, professional surfers took to the waves for Expression Sessions all weekend long.last_img read more

PilatesSpace opens a Studio in Burlington, Vermont

first_imgPilatesSpace opens a Studio in Burlington, VermontNew Studio Features Vermonts First Access to the Gyrotonic® Expansion SystemBurlington PilatesSpace, a fitness and physical therapy studio, announces today the opening of its new space at 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington. PilatesSpace offers private, semi-private and group sessions in Pilates. Pilates, a conditioning program developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, uses specialized equipment and mat exercises to improve strength, flexibility, breathing function, posture and coordination. PilatesSpace also offers Gyrotonic®, yoga, massage, and physical therapy.The 2000 square foot studio in the 208 building on Flynn Avenue, includes mat space and 15 pieces of Pilates equipment, the largest most well-equipped studio in Vermont. PilatesSpace also features the Gyrotonic® Expansion System, which has been featured in USA Today and Time Magazine. These exercises are popular among dancers and athletes. It has also been used in Germany to help elderly patients with osteoporosis and spinal injuries. PilatesSpace is the first studio in Vermont to offer sessions with this specialized equipment. PilatesSpace also shares space with Every Woman Physical Therapy, which provides physical therapy services exclusively for women including pool therapy in the 120 square foot indoor heated aquatic therapy pool.Owner Pamela Stone, MSPT, says, The new space allows us to expand and be more convenient to Burlington residents. Our goal is for clients to have a personalized workout in a safe environment with full awareness in the moment. This bright and beautiful new space will allow us to give clients that kind of experience.Pamela Stone is a physical therapist certified in the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and the Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Curriculum. Her interest in functional movement and bodies in balance developed during her 20 years as a dancer and led her to pursue a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Since 1998, Pamela has practiced Physical Therapy, Pilates and Gyrotonic®. Pamela directed Pilates Vermont at the Shelburne Athletic Club for two years before starting PilatesSpace.For more information, visit is external) or call 802.863.9900.last_img read more

4 personal finance moves to make before you’re 30

first_img40$97,000 Raise your credit scoreLoans are a part of life. Building and maintaining a good credit score can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life now and in the future when you’re considering applying for a loan or even a credit card.Read some good personal finance booksIn all things, the more you know, the better off you are. Here are a couple personal finance books to consider:Unshakeable by Tony RobbinsHow to make your money last by Jane Bryant QuinnThe Truth About Your Future: The Money Guide You Need Now, Later, and Much Later by Ric Edelman 35$137,000 45$69,000 25$269,000 If You Contribute $18,000 to Your 401(k) at Age…Here’s What You’ll Have by Age 65 (Assumes a 7% Average Annual Return) 79SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Robbie Young Robbie is the Associate Publisher at As Associate Publisher, Robbie works with professionals throughout the credit union industry to find new and innovative ways to spread their message … Web: Details 30$192,000 Master the art of automatingSaving is easy if you don’t have to think about it. Automatically sending a chunk of cash to your savings every month means you are paying yourself first.Max out your 401kThe more money you put in, the more your money will grow over time. While you have the budget for it, you should add all that you can!last_img read more

Alberta E coli outbreak tied to milk shakes

first_img Fourteen of the 16 people identified in the outbreak had consumed marshmallow milk shakes, Judy MacDonald, MD, MCM, of Calgary Health Region told CIDRAP News today. MacDonald is deputy medical officer of health working on communicable disease control for the agency. The Calgary Health Region traced the outbreak to a longtime employee of Peters’ Drive-In, according to the Calgary Herald. The employee reportedly came to work despite being ill. She made a marshmallow milk shake mix that was served at Peters’ from Apr 22 to 26, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on May 10. She said the outbreak carries an important lesson about food safety: although E coli infections are usually associated with eating undercooked ground beef, the pathogen can get into other foods if they are handled by infected people. Some of those who fell ill in this outbreak are vegetarians, she added. The worker who made the milk shakes had the first case identified in the outbreak, said MacDonald. She was symptomatic before Apr 22 and continued to work until she was found to have a possible case of E coli on Apr 25. Using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE), authorities have been able to confirm that the same strain of E coli infected at least 9 of the 16 people, MacDonald reported. The next week, on May 2 and 3, lab tests showed several more E coli cases, MacDonald said. Because a food worker had already been diagnosed, investigators quickly focused on the drive-in and found links among 15 cases. One case has not been linked to the drive-in, MacDonald said. The CBC reported that three people were hospitalized briefly. A fourth, a 15-year-old named Sara Burgess, had a marshmallow shake on Apr 24, the Herald reported. The next day, she began vomiting and was hospitalized. She developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) and has been receiving dialysis at Alberta Children’s Hospital because of kidney failure. She remained in fair to serious condition today, according to MacDonald. May 13, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Sixteen people have fallen sick and one is hospitalized with Escherichia coli O157:H7, most of them after drinking milk shakes at a popular drive-in restaurant in Calgary, Alta. Dr. Glen Armstrong, head of infectious diseases at the University of Calgary, told the CBC that foodservice workers should stay home if they’re feeling ill. MacDonald said it’s too soon to rule out the possibility of more cases. The drive-in was temporarily closed, but it has been cleaned and reopened, the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper reported on May 7.last_img read more

GE’s PCB dumping was legal at the time

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion The Dec. 16 editorial concerning GE cleanup of the Hudson, neglects the fact that they put this stuff in the river while under full compliance of the law at the time.No wonder manufacturing jobs in New York are disappearing.Bruce DuxburyBallston SpaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGuilderland girls’ soccer team hands BH-BL first league losslast_img

Indonesia records unprecedented daily spike in COVID-19 cases as ‘new normal’ commences

first_imgThe Indonesian Health Ministry confirmed 993 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, the highest single-day increase in the official count to date. The data arrived as the government began to loosen social restrictions under the so-called “new normal” policy.National COVID-19 task force spokesman Achmad Yurianto said 286 new cases had been recorded in East Java, the country’s new COVID-19 epicenter. Earlier, authorities declared the provincial capital of Surabaya a “black zone” because more than 3,000 cases had been confirmed in the city.Jakarta – the previous outbreak epicenter – recorded 104 new cases on Saturday. “Based on our analysis of the latest data, the cases were discovered through aggressive contact tracing of infected individuals in addition to waves of Indonesian migrant workers returning to the country through Soekarno-Hatta International Airport [in Tangerang, Banten],” Yurianto said during a press briefing on Saturday.Read also: Experts warn of turbulent ‘new normal’ amid COVID-19 data, testing issuesThe rise in cases came as the central government and several regional administrations began to ease restrictions to allow business to resume.Jakarta was one such region. Governor Anies Baswedan announced on Wednesday that the capital would enter a transitional phase to gradually ease restrictions in several sectors. The plan included reopening houses of worship and increasing the operation of public transportation. Jakarta began its transition on Friday. Muslims in the capital were able to perform congregational Friday prayers in mosques.Yurianto said 17 provinces had reported fewer than 10 new cases on Saturday, while six others had reported no additional cases.National COVID-19 task force head Doni Monardo said earlier that restrictions would be eased only in regencies and municipalities that had zero new COVID-19 cases.As of Saturday, 30,514 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in the country, with 1,801 deaths and 9,907 recoveries.Topics :last_img read more