Sushi Restaurant Offers Geiger Counter to Test Food

first_imgThe hottest new dining accessory in Taiwan’s sushi restaurants this season? The Geiger counter, apparently. Peony, a fancy Taipei restaurant, now has a handheld radiation detector on-hand, so diners can inspect food before digging in. The restaurant picked up the device after diners expressed concerns over leaking nuclear reactors in Japan following the recent 9.0 earthquake.“When the disaster struck Japan, our owner was very concerned about the subsequent problems,” said restaurant owner Wang Fang-pin. “After we were briefed about the Geiger counter, we purchased it right away. This way our customers can put their minds at ease, and I think it is necessary to safeguard them.”The owners assure everyone that the sushi is already safe, having been vetting by the property authorities, prior to serving–not to mention the fact that it doesn’t come from the affected area. The Geiger counter, it seems, is more about peace of mind. It’s also a gimmick that will likely stir up interest and play upon the fears of an understandably nervous public.last_img read more