Tedeschi Trucks Band Celebrates Love On Valentine’s Day In New Jersey [Full Audio]

first_imgPhoto: Bob Schultz Photo: Bob Schultz Tedeschi Trucks Band returned to the stage at the esteemed Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey for their final show of their two-night run. Many of the audience members were celebrating Valentine’s Day, and romance was in the air, even before the band took their positions on stage. With Amy Helm opening the show, Tedeschi Trucks Band played a hearty collection of music throughout one extended set.The band—dressed in all black—blew the dust off the track “Don’t Let Me Slide” from their debut album Revelator to commence the evening’s music. The band already performed this song three times in the first two months of the year, marking a drastic increase considering the song made it into one performance. Next, Susan Tedeschi began singing the inspirational lyrics to “Laugh About It” with Derek Trucks, the horns, and backup singers expertly supplementing her powerful vocals.The band continued with “Just As Strange”, another track from their latest album Let Me Get By. The song featured a swampy rolling drumline, Derek’s renowned slide guitar, and Susan’s choir-like vocals. With the back-up vocals harmonizing with Susan, the band’s distinguished sound transformed the elegant theater into a sacred church. Keeping the world-class performance at a sentimental pace, “All the World” followed—a relatively new track that hasn’t found a place on an album yet with a sweet and soulful tone like so many Tedeschi Trucks Band tunes.The band abandoned their gospel sound momentarily and returned to the swamps with a dirty little number, “Right On Time”, also from their last studio album. Mike Mattison’s gravelly voice commanded lead vocals while Susan Tedeschi accompanied him with back-up vocals. Elizabeth Lea blasted her trombone in sporadic bursts to give the other musicians room to weave their notes around her steady rhythms. The setlist continued to rely heavily on their most recent studio album with the original tune “Don’t Know What It Means” coming next. This track featured a lively Susan Tedeschi delivering heartfelt lyrics and husband Derek Trucks absolutely destroying his guitar accompaniments. As per usual with this group of brilliant musicians, the three other singers nailed the back-up vocals, and the overall timing remained continually on-point.As the band foreshadowed in recent tours, the newly written “Shame” continued to be displayed, as the performers experimented and redeveloped its song structure in the pursuit musical perfection. The original tune was introduced on June 8th at the Merriam Theatre in Philadelphia and has been in a state of constant evolution ever since, and during this rendition, Derek Trucks whipped a flawless solo around the unusually heavy bass line provided by Tim Lefebvre. This song has unlimited potential, heavy jams, poignant lyrics with a smooth delivery, and has already proven itself to be a staple of the Tedeschi Trucks band’s repertoire.The band then began a barrage of covers beginning with a debut of Cowboy’s “All My Friends” for a poignant tribute to Scott Boyer who passed away two days ago. Cowboy hailed from Jacksonville, Florida, and recorded for Capricorn records in Muscle Shoals with the recommendation from Duane Allman to his friend, the legendary Phil Walden. Duane Allman also plays on Cowboy’s well-known track “Please Be With Me”, which is featured on Duane’s Anthology.To follow, the band dove into a badass rendition of the old blues standard “Leaving Trunk”, with Mike Mattison singing lead vocals. This song is accredited to Sleepy John Estes but was popularized by Taj Mahal. Tash Neal, the guitarist from The London Souls and who also opened the show in Amy Helm’s band, joined the already-crowded stage to contribute his guitar talents. Derek and Tash traded guitar licks that built into the rockin’, explosive focal point of the show.A soulful cover of Elmore James’s“The Sky is Crying” began with a heavily influenced blues solo by Derek Trucks before giving way to Susan’s emotional singing and a stand-out blues guitar solo that could easily be mistaken for one of B.B. King’s.Next, the band revisited a much sought-after cover of Neil Young’s song, “Alabama”, which was recently released as a new single. The cover featured a cutting guitar segment with Susan acing the southern-styled lyrics, and the song marked one of the most formidable three minutes of music of the night. This rendition was also the seventh time that the band has covered this song since its debut in November of last year.Returning to their partial roots as the Derek Trucks Band, Mike Mattison returned to center stage to sing lead on the beginning of Billy Taylor’s song “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free”, which featured a mesmerizing one-two punch between Derek Trucks off-the-cuff slide guitar and Susan who retook vocals after the first verse. The song broke down into a furious flurry of horns and percussion, with Ephraim Owens slaying his instrument of choice, the trumpet. Mike Mattison also traded vocal duties with Alecia Chakour, as the song rebuilt for one last incredible solo by Derek Trucks.To close the lengthy solitary set, the band executed a high-quality twenty-minute version of “I Want More”, another track off their latest studio album Let Me Get By. The closer utilized a stompin’ bass drum, horn punctuations, and Susan singin’ to the heavens, as Derek Trucks patiently waited for his opportunity to shred the unholy hell out of his trusted Gibson SG. The rest of his massive band quietly subsided to give him more acoustic space, but soon jumped back in line to resurrect the melodies of the song. Eventually, Kofi emerged from behind his keyboards to perform one last stunning flute solo before relinquishing control to Derek who continues his acoustic onslaught. The drummers were the next at-bat, and made the most of the opportunity, with both Tyler Greenwell and J. J. Johnson thrashing and thumping their kits in synchronous rhythms. Derek got the last word, however, with a final continuation of his guitar prowess.A stripped-down ensemble reappeared onstage to play a sentimental version of the traditional song “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”, with Derek Trucks ripping a cutting solo right from the start. Susan sings the lyrics in her pristine voice with backup vocals provided by Marc Rivers, Mike Mattison, Alecia Chakour, and Amy Helm. The band then finished with an extended rendition of “Bound for Glory”, another track from Revelator to complete their two-night residence in a truly inspiring fashion.Kofi crushed a keyboard solo and worked hand-in-hand with the horn section to get the audience dancing. The groove was supplemented further by Derek Trucks overpowering guitar riffs and Susan’s unbeatable vocals. As Derek Trucks captivated the audience with one last guitar solo, Susan finalized the night with the declaration that “We’re bound for glory.”Setlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | Count Basie Theatre | Red Bank, NJ | 2/14/17Don’t Let Me Slide, Laugh About It, Just As Strange, All the World, Right On Time, Don’t Know What It Means, Shame, All My Friends (Gregg Allman), Leaving Trunk (Sleepy John Estes), The Sky Is Crying (Elmore James), Alabama (Neil Young), I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Billy Taylor), I Want MoreE: Bound For Glory[Audio: edtyre]Tedeschi Trucks Band | Count Basie Theatre | Red Bank, NJ | 2/14/17 | Photos by Bob Schultz Photo: Bob Schultz Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Harvard in Beijing

first_img 1Harvard President Drew Faust meets with Xi Jinping, President of China inside the The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China as a Harvard delegation looks on. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer During a historic visit to Beijing, Harvard President Drew Faust delivered the Tsinghua Global Vision Lecture, “Universities and the Challenge of Global Climate Change,” to faculty and students at Tsinghua University. Faust argued that universities have a unique and critical role to play in combating climate change.Faust’s speech marked the culmination of a series of events in Beijing at which climate change was a central topic. At a Your Harvard gathering of alumni, faculty, and friends, she listened as Ali Malkawi, professor of architectural technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) and founding director of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, explained his efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of large human-made structures and systems, from individual buildings to whole cities.During a meeting at the Great Hall of the People, Faust and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed governmental and academic efforts to address the threat of climate change. Faust used the opportunity to highlight the important work being undertaken by faculty and students at Harvard and at institutions across the globe such as Tsinghua to develop substantive technological and policy solutions to this global challenge and to urge continued faculty collaborations.(Previous Harvard Gazette article.) 9Chinese monks perform an offering ritual inside the Yonghe Temple (Palace of Peace and Harmony) in Beijing. 17Chen Xu (right) and Drew Faust walk down a grand staircase at Tsinghua University. 7Drew Faust discusses governmental and academic efforts to address the threat of climate change with Xi Jinping. 2Harvard President Drew Faust is flanked by faculty and friends after speaking at a Your Harvard alumni event in Beijing. 10More than 250 Tsinghua University students attend Drew Faust’s Tsinghua Global Vision Lecture, “Universities and the Challenge of Global Climate Change,” at Tsinghua University. 3During the Your Harvard alumni event in Beijing, Kerry Logistics Chairman George Yeo, M.B.A. ‘85 (from left), David B. Arnold Jr. Professor of Science Xiaowei Zhuang, and Professor of Architectural Technology Ali Malkawi discuss how to visualize the invisible, from the microscopic natural world to large, human-made structures and systems like building and cities. 11Tsinghua Professor Yigong Shi and Drew Faust during the Tsinghua Global Vision Lecture. 8Drew Faust (right) talks with Harvard delegation members Krishna G. Palepu (from left), the Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration; Julio Frenk, dean, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health; and Mohsen Mostafavi, professor of architecture and dean of the Graduate School of Design, before meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. 16Shing-Tung Yau (front, from left), Mohsen Mostafavi, and Ali Malkawi during a tour of Tsinghua University. 12Tsinghua University students share a moment while using smart phones to record Drew Faust’s lecture. 14Drew Faust delivers the Tsinghua Global Vision Lecture inside a packed lecture hall at Tsinghua University. 13Chen Xu (left), party secretary of Tsinghua University, and William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Physics Shing-Tung Yau listen to the Tsinghua Global Vision Lecture, “Universities and the Challenge of Global Climate Change” at Tsinghua University. 15Tsinghua party secretary Chen Xu meets with Drew Faust before the Tsinghua Global Vision Lecture. 5Drew Faust speaks at the Your Harvard alumni event in Beijing. 6Drew Faust meets with Xi Jinping inside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 4Xiaowei Zhuang and Ali Malkawi hold an interactive discussion during the Your Harvard event. 18Drew Faust meets with Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, during a visit to Peking University in Beijing.last_img read more

Bayroc Community Centre ground chosen for 400m synthetic track

first_imgWORD reaching Chronicle Sport last evening was that the Bayroc Community Centre ground has been chosen as the venue to house the 400m synthetic track. Government has allotted some $210M to a number of regions including Linden, Region Ten.Last night Member of Parliament for Region 10 (Upper Demerara) Jermaine Figueira said that following a second consultation done in a meet-the-people setting it was observed that some 95 percent were in favour of that venue as opposed to the other – the Mackenzie Sports Club.Figueira further said during the recent Linden Mashramani activities more views were sought and they were overwhelmingly in favour of the Bayroc site.The MP said another independent survey by residents was done and there again the majority of persons interviewed on the National Communications Network (NCN), Linden, gave the nod to the Bayroc Community Centre. With this Figueira said the decision is that the synthetic track will be given to that venue on the west bank of Linden. (Joe Chapman).last_img read more

Taxi driver stabbed to death in triangular love affair

first_imgAn apparent triangular love affair turned tragic on Thursday morning after a taxi driver was stabbed to death while in bed with his girlfriend at her Lot 1074 Cinderella City, Amelia’s Ward home.Dead is Claude DeJonge, also called ‘Sonno’, 40, of Lot 915 South Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Linden.DeJonge was found at about 00:10h lying motionless in a pool of blood next to the front door. He was clad in trousers and his body bore several stab wounds to the neck, shoulder and abdomen.Based on information received, the now dead man had shared a common law relationship with his girlfriend Tanya Samuels, 35, for approximately 11 years.However, it is believed that the mother of two and the suspect, Corwyn Arthur also called ‘Cross eye’, 34, of Central Amelia’s Ward, shared a secret relationship, and as such, he would periodically sleep over at her house.That relationship, Guyana Times understands, ended in December, 2017, but Arthur would still visit Samuels’s home under the pretext of being a family friend.Dead: Claude DeJongeOn Wednesday evening, the suspect reportedly visited the woman’s home, where he saw DeJonge.At the time, the suspect was smoking marijuana, which annoyed the now dead man, who asked him to leave the premises.An argument erupted between the two men, but the suspect left after DeJonge summoned the Police. In retaliation, the suspected later sent threatening messages to DeJonge’s phone, informing him that he would “make his life a living hell”.At about 00:10h on Thursday, DeJonge was in bed with his reputed wife when the suspect entered the house via a window that was left opened. Upon entry, he walked straight to the bedroom, where he confronted the now dead man.A fight ensued between them, during which the suspect whipped out a knife and dealt the man three stabs as he shouted, “I gon kill you! I want you soul! Me gon murder you!”Samuels started to scream, but the suspected soon turned his attention to her, saying, “Is you cause that! I want he head! I get poison to drink when I done!”According to information received, the suspect grabbed the woman’s hands and took her out of the house, ordering her not to tend to the injured man. After putting up a fight, she managed to get out of the suspect’s possession and ran towards the house to check on her reputed husband.The suspect reportedly ran away with the knife as he screamed, “I am going to drink poison!” Up to late Thursday afternoon, he was still missing.The Police were contacted, and immediately launched a manhunt for the suspect. Checks at his home proved futile. Arthur reportedly contacted relatives and related what had taken place, declaring he was going to commit suicide.Meanwhile, DeJonge’s body was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex, where he was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor on duty. The body is presently at the Wismar Hospital Mortuary awaiting a Post Mortem. (Utamo Belle)last_img read more