Live updates: Raiders get big road victory over Colts

first_imgGAME ESSENTIALS: Raiders (1-2) at Indianapolis (2-1) on Sunday at 10 a.m. (PT)TV: CBS-TV, Kevin Harlan (play-by-play), Rich Gannon (analyst), John Schriffen (reporter). Click here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device. Join us for live scoring updates, news and analysis Sunday morning as the Raiders travel to Indianapolis to play the Colts in the second of five straight games away from the Coliseum.center_img ODDS: Colts -7 (opened at Colts -6). OVER/UNDE …last_img

SAA to increase flights on African routes

first_imgFlights between Johannesburg and Kinshasa from four to six per week from 10 December.Flights between Johannesburg and Dar Es Salaam from 12 to 13 per week from 13 December.Flights between Johannesburg and Windhoek from 20 to 21 per week from 12 January.Flights between Johannesburg and Ndola from 19 to 20 per week from 13 January.Flights between Johannesburg and Lusaka from 19 to 20 per week from 14 January. 15 November 2013 South African Airways (SAA) will be increasing flights on its more popular African routes, to destinations in the DRC, Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania, from 7 December. “These plans are part of our African expansion strategy, where we aim to increase frequencies on routes with higher passenger volumes, the ultimate goal being the achievement and maintenance of commercial sustainability,” SAA acting commercial general manager Kendy Phohleli said in a statement on Friday. Flights will be increased on the following routes: Also, as of 7 December, the airline will no longer fly between Johannesburg and Kigali, Rwanda or Bujumbura, Burundi . These flights will be taken over by its recently announced codeshare partner RwandAir, who will accommodate any SAA customers who already have tickets for Kigali or Bujumbura. South African Airways is Africa’s most awarded airline and flies to 42 destinations worldwide. These include 26 African destinations, namely: Abidjan, Accra, Blantyre, Brazzaville, Bujumbura, Cotonou, Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Douala, Entebbe, Harare, Kigali, Kinshasa, Lagos, Libreville, Lilongwe, Livingstone, Luanda, Lusaka, Maputo, Mauritius, Nairobi, Ndola, Pointe Noire, Victoria Falls and Windhoek. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Starry-eyed under a Shared Sky

first_imgThe same stars shine down on South Africa’s Central Karoo and parts of Western Australia. But over thousands of years, different eyes have watched these shared skies, and woven the bright points of light and the darkness between into the lyrical creation myths of the first peoples of both continents.There is the story of the Girl Who Threw Ashes into the Sky to make the Milky Way – or what the !Kung people call the Backbone of the Night. This same girl threw up a root, white when young and red when old, to make the stars. Then there is the story of the children who threw an old man with the sun in his armpit up into the sky to light the day.From across Indian Ocean, there are more tales, fables and heavenly instructions, like when the shadow of the Great Emu looms, to tell the Yamaji people when to collect emu eggs. The formation comes from the Yamaji seeing beyond the stars, to the dust clouds and matter between the heavenly bodies visible to the naked eye; a scientific subtlety lost on even later science-focused civilisations.These stories explaining the universe – this indigenous astronomy – have now been gathered and depicted in a series of quilts that went on exhibition at the John Curtin Gallery in Perth on 30 September 2014, where they will remain until 2 November. The show, Shared Sky, is an “ingenious collaboration between science and indigenous art’ and runs concurrently with the SKA Engineering meeting in Perth. The meeting brings together the teams from around the world who are working on the design of the first phase of the Square Kilometre Array telescope, to be built from 2018 in South Africa and Australia.South Africa SKA director Bernie Fanaroff believes that science and art have much in common: “They are both about beauty and aesthetics – most science is beautiful, and so is most art. The quilts, are really beautiful in themselves – colourful and dynamic; science is like that too.”The Shared Sky exhibition brings three artists from the First People group at the Nieu- Bethesda community arts centre in South Africa’s Eastern Cape together with Australian artists descended from or connected to the Wajarri people who lived on the land that is now the site of the Australian SKA.This land is 700km north-east of Perth, at Boolardy Station in the mid-west region of Western Australia.The Aboriginal artists are from the Yamaji Art Centre, which is a “strong advocate for social justice and the promotion of respect and awareness of Yamaji culture’. The centre is 100% Aboriginal-owned and operated.First PeopleSandra Sweers is the lead artist at First People group. She prefers to work with textiles, is also a printmaker, and sometimes works in stained glass. She facilitates drawing at the centre and often participates in shows at the centre as an actor, clown, dancer and singer. Sweers, like all the artists at the centre, is a recovering alcoholic from a difficult background. In her younger years she identified as Coloured, but now also embraces her Xam Bushman heritage, which she depicts strongly in the Shared Sky works. Gerald Mei, also of Xam heritage, works with stained glass and mosaics and has a special fondness for painting with oils. At 18, he is the youngest artist at First People and having overcoming his shyness and getting used to working with mostly women, is an enthusiastic quilt maker.The exhibitionBoth sets of art, South African and Australian, have an organic feel; swirl motifs, recurrent soft geometrics, the ochred colours of the arid lands the artists live on, all combine to create vivid tapestries imagining the dawn of humanity, and the stars above. The Shared Sky exhibition is scheduled to arrive in South Africa early in 2015.SAinfo reporter, SKAlast_img read more

20pcs Big Hair Barrette Bowknot Clips 15cm : Excellent quality and striking size

first_img Very good value for money, lovely bows, vivid colours – good size too. . These are exceptionally pretty. They’re very well made and my wife’s eyes lit up when she saw them because this is exactly the sort of thing she likes to wear in her hair. Her first question was: “have they got barrettes?”.And she was delighted when i told her they had. It would be so easy for a product of this nature to look cheap if the right materials weren’t used but the manufacturer has got it right with the satin style material being used which makes the colours more vibrant and even catches the light. As you can see from my pictures and those of the seller, there is a good selection of different shades of each colour. It’ll be a while before you (or the lady in your life) gets through all of these. My pictures below show the range of bows and close-ups of a golden yellow one, front and back. The last picture is of my wife. Introduction:welcome to my summersha 20 pack ribbon bowknots review. These bowknot bows come in a pack of twenty different colored bows. They are perfect for dress up and special occasions. Design:at 15cm each these are quite large bows that are perfect for placing on pigtails, on top of the head or even at the front. I can personally fit two on the front of my head. They use a clip to stay attached to the wearer’s hair. This clip is made of metal and is stuck to the bow using a strong glue. The bows are made of grosgrain material, which gives them a soft textured feeling. It also means they don’t look cheap and nasty despite actually being cheap to buy. Excellent quality and striking size. The first thing i noticed when i opened the package was how big these bows are – i know it said 15cm on the listing, but it hadn’t really registered. And with the ribbon being wide as well, these are very striking hair clips. The barrette clip is nice and sturdy, so little change of your bow flying away. And with 20 different colours in the pack, there’s one to match every outfit. The ribbon used is a quality grossgrain, so it has body and will keep its shape. Overall, an excellent quality pack at a value for money price. The seller sent me this product for review purposes at no cost. The opinions expressed are my own and reflect my true experience with this product. A positive review was not required. Excellent service and products. Gorgeous large bows in lovely colours. Would highly recommended this seller. Very good value for money, lovely bows, vivid colours – good size too.Gorgeous bows!!!Excellent quality and striking size20pcs Big Hair Barrette Bowknot Clips 15cm, SUMERSHA Hair Clips Grosgrain Ribbon Large Boutique Hair bows Hair Pins Alligator Clips for Girls Women 20 ColorsHairbow Size: approx. 6 Inches/ 15cmPackage quantity: 20pcs; 20 ColorsAttached with alligator hair clips, can stay firmlyThe fantastic variety of colors are so gorgeous bright and beautiful,great gift for girlsMade of grosgrain ribbon, comfortable and softlast_img read more