Starbucks introduces a larger Trenta drink size

first_imgIf you enjoy purchasing the largest cup you can get from convenience stores and drive-thru windows, Starbucks would like to have your attention for a moment. For those who enjoy Starbucks on the go, the Seattle-based company is unveiling a new “Trenta” size cup to satisfy your enormous thirst for its caffeine-laden goodness.Sizing-up the new cup, the Trenta contains 7 more ounces than the current “Venti” 24-ounce cup and will cost about 50 cents more per beverage. The only catch is the Trenta cup is reserved for cold based beverages only like iced-teas, iced-coffees, and lemonade drinks. Probably a wise move by Starbuck’s, considering dumping a 31-ounce cup of hot Joe in your lap would result is a very substantial skin graft.The new Trenta size drinks will become available starting on Tuesday in 14 states including Alabama, Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Nevada. California will get the new Trenta on February 1st, while the rest of the nation should see the 31-ounce cup by May 3rd.Read more at Timelast_img read more