World Bank loan for wind, solar projects

first_img3 November 2011South African state electricity company Eskom has been granted a US$250-million (about R1.9-billion) World Bank loan to help it implement two of the largest renewable energy projects ever attempted on the African continent.The loan will help Eskom to build a 100 megawatt concentrating solar power plant in Upington in the Northern Cape, as well as a 100 megawatt wind power project in Sere, 300km north of Cape Town.The loan is funded by the World Bank’s Clean Technology Fund, which promotes scaled-up financing for demonstration, deployment and transfer of low-carbon technologies with significant potential for long-term greenhouse gas emissions savings.“Africa is beginning to grow and the problem of energy insecurity is dampening that growth,” World Bank vice-president for Africa Obiageli Ezekwesili said in a statement last week. “By investing in these cutting-edge, transformational solar and wind power projects, we are saying that Africa can lead the way in securing a clean energy future.”In September, Eskom secured a €100-million (R980.8-million) credit facility from French development finance group Agence Française de Developpement (AFD) to finance the Sere Wind Project.In June, it secured a US$365-million (about R2.46-billion) loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance both the Sere project and the Upington solar project.According to the AfDB, about 90% of electrical energy produced in the country in 2010 was derived from fossil fuels, emitting approximately 224.7-million tons of carbon dioxide and making the South African economy one of the most carbon-intensive in the world.Emission savings are estimated at about 5-million tons of CO2 equivalent – over a 20-year life span – for the Sere wind power project and 9-million tons for the Upington solar power plant.Eskom CEO Brian Dames sayss the utility’s first large-scale introduction of two renewable energy projects “demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and making the transition to a cleaner energy mix.”Energy from renewable sources will be expected to make up a substantial 42% of all new electricity generation in South Africa over the next 20 years, according to the country’s Integrated Resource Plan 2010, which the Cabinet approved in March.SAinfo reporter and BuaNewslast_img read more

Bafana keen to ‘step up’ in Durban

first_img22 January 2013Bafana Bafana’s players, looking ahead to Wednesday’s clash with Angola, believe they still have what it takes to get through to the second round of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon), despite their goalless opening match draw with Cape Verde.“We are looking forward to Wednesday’s game,” Bafana defender Anele Ngcongca told SAnews on Wednesday. “All the teams in our group are good and Angola is no different; they have a lot of experience.“We learnt from the past match that we have to be more patient, a bit more attractive going forward, and try to create some chances so we can score goals,” Ngcongca said. “We kept a clean sheet and we are all positive about the next match.”Everyone needs to be composed: SereroHis views were echoed by midfielder Thulani Serero: “I am not 100 percent fit, but I am getting there with every match. Angola is a very strong side. We watched them on television and they are really an enterprising side. But I believe the time has come to go there on Wednesday and get maximum points.“We need to get the momentum going,” Serero said. “A win will be good for the spirit and can change everything. It is critical that we start scoring those goals.“Everyone needs to be composed and play their normal game. One thing we learnt from the Cape Verde match is to be patient.”I’m ready to do the business: MphelaStriker Katlego “Killer” Mphela said it was imperative for the national team to show character. “At international level you need to keep trying, have a big heart and a strong mentality, more so because we are playing teams who have loads of experience.“A perfect example was the Group B match between Niger and Mali,” Mphela said. “The latter kept on going and eventually scored. So that is what we need to do. Just keep on working hard.“It is not long that I have returned from injury and I am working on my fitness which is looking very good. If I am picked to start against Angola, I think I am more than ready to do the business,” Mphela said.Bafana Bafana will have their last training session at the match venue, Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium, at 4:30pm on Tuesday.South Africa takes on Angola on at 5pm on Wednesday, followed by Cape Verde against Morocco at the same venue.Source: read more

Power ships may ease South Africa’s energy woes

first_imgPower ships are proving to be a quick-fix temporary solution to electricity constraints around the world. In Africa, they are used to good effect in Ghana. The floating power stations are either anchored off shore or moored at quayside and transmit power through cables or transmission lines. The Karadeniz Powership Rauf Bey, with a capacity of 179.1 MW, has been supplying electricity since May 2010. (Image: Karadeniz Energy Group) • New solar plants in sunny Northern Cape • Khi Solar One: renewable energy for the ages • New African energy projects leapfrog outdated technologies • Nuclear power holds promise for South Africa • Joburg to produce its own electricity from landfill Sulaiman PhilipPort Elizabeth is home to a large slice of South Africa’s critical automotive industry, foundries and the deep water port of the Coega Industrial Development Zone. It is an energy hungry region that, in 2012, soaked up 26% of Eskom-produced power, by sales.If Eskom could ease this demand, power for the rest of the country would stabilise and lower the pressure on the electricity producer. Solutions announced by Eskom are either costly – running diesel generators while maintenance is done on coal-powered plants – or at least 18 months in the future – when newly constructed plants come online.A quick fix would be power ships like the type that generate 22% of Ghana’s power needs. In Lebanon, two Turkish-built power ships supply Beirut with 270MW daily. Lebanon’s power demands have increased by between 6% and 8% over the last few years, mostly the result of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.For Beirut, the power ships are a quick-fix solution until demand stabilises or new power infrastructure comes online in three years. Gebran Bassil, Lebanon’s energy minister, explained at the inauguration of the first ship: “The power ships do not represent an ultimate solution to the electricity problem but a three-year temporary solution to allow the rehabilitation of [existing, conventional] power plants.”Power during crisisSouth Africa used a power ship in 2006 when a bolt was lost during routine maintenance at Koeberg, the nuclear power plant in the Western Cape. The amount of power generated by Koeberg was reduced and with load shedding looming, the utility rented a barge-mounted turbine to supply power.Eskom spokesman Andrew Etzinger told Moneyweb that power ships were not a solution the utility was considering. In the short term, he argued, power ships would help to alleviate the supply problem but at a cost equal to what Eskom spent on running its diesel turbines.Eskom produces 34 000MW of power, which just about meets the country’s power needs. A Karadeniz power ship would produce about 310MW, which is “capable of powering a town like East London. The idea is not to make a town self-sufficient, but rather to feed the electricity into the national grid.”With power comes infrastructureThe biggest builder of power ships is Turkish company Karadeniz. Osman Karadeniz started building floating power stations after leaving West Africa, where he saw persistent power shortages at hospitals lead to unnecessary deaths. Chronic power shortages meant development was hampered, miring the region in a cycle of poverty. “The concept behind it was how to provide affordable power in some West African countries where there [was] no infrastructure, not even a hardware store,” Karadeniz wrote on the company’s website.Karpowerships can go live – according to the website – within 120 days. The floating power stations are either anchored off shore or moored at quayside and transmit power through undersea cables or transmission lines. Currently the company’s technology allows a station to operate for 12 hours a day in a 12-day cycle. When it runs out of power it draws energy from a storage ship moored next door, in essence a floating battery.There are at least 60 floating power stations around the globe that use natural gas, heavy fuels and even nuclear to produce 4GW of power. In the north of the Russian Federation, a floating nuclear power station, with a 40-year lifespan, produces 70MWs of power that is transported 290 kilometres inland. The Karadeniz Powership Fatmagül Sultan, with a capacity of 203.1 MW, is the most powerful of the Karadeniz fleet. (Image: Karadeniz Energy Group)Falling power generationTaking 2010 as a base figure, Eskom produced 101.1% of South Africa’s power needs in 2011. That figure slumped to 99.3% in 2012. By July 2013, Eskom was producing 106.4% but slid to 97.3% by September. It was not until July 2014 that it breached the 100% mark again.Power production has sagged again, leaving citizens scratching their heads over confusing load-shedding timetables. But confusion is not the worst of it; Eskom’s problems influence the country’s growth prospects. While operating on razor-thin power margins, Eskom expects that once its new power plants come online demand will be met, with reserve margins once again reaching between 10% and 20%.In 2014, the International Monetary Fund expected the South African economy would grow by 3.6% in 2015. This prediction was tied to “robust infrastructure investment spending and easing of electricity supply constraints as additional electricity supply from new power plants [begins] to come on stream”. At the same time, the CIA Factbook warned that growth in South Africa would not exceed 3% until the country found new sources of stable abundant power.last_img read more

Why You Should Create These 5 Keyboard Shortcuts in Premiere Pro

first_imgKeyboard shortcuts are essential for any serious editing project. Here are five important tasks that deserve custom shortcuts.Cover image via Shutterstock.There are so many shortcuts for Premiere Pro that it could take you just as long to learn them all as it would to learn to use the program. Although there are practical accessories like printout sheets and editing keyboards that will help you learn your shortcuts, many still go unused.However, there are also plenty of editing tasks without a shortcut that would benefit from one. Thankfully, Premiere Pro lets you customize pre-existing shortcuts and create new ones. Let’s take a look at some features that I think deserve the shortcut treatment. A few of these shortcuts are management-based rather than edit-orientated, but I find having shortcuts for them is very beneficial.Playback ResolutionThe playback resolution dictates the resolution of the footage in the program (or source) monitor. You can decrease the resolution by 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, or 1/18 (depending on the original resolution of the footage). This is a great feature if you’re working with a video file that has a high data rate or high compression, and the file is just too difficult for your system to handle. You can simply lower the resolution down to 1/4, which will enable you to scrub through and play your footage with ease.If you’re working with 4k files on a 1080p screen, you’re not going to see a significant decrease in the quality. However, a problem arises when you’re working with mixed resolutions. If I’m scrubbing through 4k files on a 1080p timeline, and then I encounter a segment of 1080p stock footage, the stock footage is going to look awful at 1/4, and I’m going to have to keep switching the resolution settings back and forth.You can eliminate the mouse movement with a few keyboard shortcuts.If necessary, you can do the same with the source monitor and the paused resolution.Zoom Monitor In or Out“Does this shot have soft focus or is it me?” — a line I’ve muttered at least a dozen times while editing. In Premiere, you can zoom in and out of the timeline using – or =, or you can hit Z for the zoom tool. What you cannot do is zoom in and out of the program or source monitor with a keyboard shortcut. You can quickly hit the dropdown menu under the program monitor, but the function becomes cumbersome if you need to zoom in and out while previewing your edit.I recommend the following shortcuts for quick and easy access to the program monitor zoom function.Again, you can also assign shortcuts for the source monitor.Reveal in ProjectRight-click on any media file in the timeline, and you can select “reveal in project,” which will take you straight to that media clip in the project panel. When you’re working with a limited number of clips, it’s not an important function. However, when you have many media clips tucked away in bins, finding a specific clip (especially if it carries a default filename) can become a hassle. While the “reveal in project” segment of the pop-up menu is relatively close to the mouse upon right-clicking, you can make things easier by assigning it a shortcut. I use Ctrl +1 (number pad). When I click a clip, I can now very quickly bring it up in the cluttered project panel.Reveal in ExplorerThere may also be a circumstance when you need to find the original media clip on your drive — perhaps to make a copy or transfer the file to someone else. I often find myself searching for a media clip on the drive, so I’ve learned to assign shortcuts for the task. Since this is similar to the reveal in project shortcut, I use Ctrl +2 (number pad). Strangely, you cannot perform this task from the timeline panel with a shortcut. You can only assign a keyboard shortcut to reveal in explore in the project panel window — despite the option to right-click in the timeline.Move Playhead to CursorEffective editors want to keep their hands on the keyboard as much as possible — switching back and forth to use the mouse eats up precious time. It’s always bothered me that if I work backward or forward away from the cursor on the timeline, I have to leave the keyboard to bring the playhead back to the cursor point — or perhaps you’ve just lost sight of the cursor and you don’t want to zoom out on the timeline. Whatever the case, you can eliminate the need to remove your hand from the keyboard with a shortcut. CTRL + P should be available (P for “playhead”).There are still many functions to which you cannot assign a keyboard shortcut, such as solo or muting individual audio tracks. Hopefully, Adobe will address these functions in the future, but in the meantime, take advantage of as many shortcuts as you can.Have you customized any keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro? Let us know in the comments..last_img read more

Put a Spring in your Step – Play Touch Football!

first_imgRegistrations into new season Touch Football competitions are now open! The Spring/Summer months are just around the corner and what better way to get into shape with your friends than to register and participate in the several touch football competitions offered right around the country.Touch Football Australia has set the strategic target of one million participants in the sport by 2020; excitement is building across the country with participation growth evident particularly across junior competitions.Tune in to TFA/NRL’s new season television commercial, highlighting the key attributes of the sport: family, friends and fun and inclusive opportunities for all participants young and old…and all at a location near you!Touch Football is one of Australia’s leading community sports and according to Australian Sports Commission’s recent AusPlay research, Touch Football is the most affordable/best value for money sport.“As we know Touch Football is a very inclusive, diverse and social sport; catering for both genders, a wide variety of ages, abilities and communities with an extensive national footprint,” Acting TFA CEO, Garry Foran said.“We are encouraging all juniors and seniors along with community groups and other sports including Rugby League players coming out of Winter competitions, to dust off their boots and participate in the many fun, social and inclusive Touch Football competitions and programs on offer over the 2017-18 Spring/Summer period.”Visit and (and state websites) on registration and location competition information and contacts. Using the locator button, simply enter your postcode to find your closest touch football affiliate and you and your teammates are on your way to a season of fun, fitness and re-connecting/meeting new friends.So, get your mates and team together – put a spring in your step and register now to play touch football!New Touch Football Season Activation Television Commercial (TVC)National Junior Touch Football Promotion VideoJoin the conversation and follow the TFA and State/Affiliate social media channels on the latest campaign information new season promotions.last_img read more

Revised Youth Policy to be Tabled in July

first_imgThe revised National Youth Policy should be tabled in the House of Representatives in July.Youth and Culture Minister, Hon. Lisa Hanna, made the disclosure during a rap session with youth leaders from Portland on April 26, at the Portland Youth Information Centre.“The consultants and the oversight committee are in place and we will be tabling the Green Paper in July of this year, so everything is on track for that month,” she informed. The policy places focus on entrepreneurship, skills training and preparing young people for the world of work in the global village. It is also expected to provide insight into developmental models and programmes for young people.The revision of the policy is being informed by the findings of the 2010 Jamaica National Youth Survey, which was commissioned by the Government under the Youth Development Programme loan agreement signed with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).Conducted by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN), the survey provides a holistic profile of young people age 15 to 24 years, and seeks to aid in the strengthening of existing programmes designed for youth development throughout the island.It focuses on, among other things, unattached youth; young people living and working on the street as well as those in state care; young people with disabilities; entrepreneurial and employment opportunities; and spirituality and values.During her trip to Portland, the Minister also visited the Muirton Boys’ Home in Manchioneal as well as the Port Antonio High School, where she engaged in a rap session with students and youth leaders from the parish.The young people were able to voice their concerns on a number of issues including education, unemployment, and opportunities for financial aid.By Athaliah Reynolds-Baker, JIS Reporterlast_img read more

Ohio State baseball shows competitive toughness in win against Illinois

The Ohio State baseball team won its rubber match with Illinois, 7-3, after splitting the first two games of the weekend series. OSU wore camouflage uniforms for Sunday’s game to pay tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. They were originally going to wear them for Tuesday night’s game against Akron, but the game was rained out. A bombing took place at the Boston Marathon April 15, which led to three deaths and more than 180 injuries. One suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed and the other, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was captured over the weekend. The Fighting Illini struck first in the top half of the first inning with two RBI singles by redshirt junior left fielder Jordan Parr and senior third baseman Brandon Hohl, giving them an early 2-0 lead. OSU responded with a big inning in the bottom of the second, when it added six runs of its own including a three-run home run by redshirt senior second baseman Ryan Cypret. The three-run shot was Cypret’s third home run of the season. “We stayed confident,” Cypret said. “High fastball first pitch, then just a low curveball that somehow the stars aligned and I hit it out.” In the following inning, Illinois was able to get one run back on an RBI single by senior center fielder Justin Parr, trimming the Buckeyes’ lead to 6-3. The Buckeyes knocked freshman pitcher Ryan Castellanos out of the game in the bottom of the fifth when freshman third baseman Jacob Bosiokovic hit a one-out RBI double, making the score 7-3. Senior right-hander Brett McKinney replaced senior pitcher Brian King in the top of the seventh with two outs. King allowed three runs and eight hits in 6.2 innings. In the top of the ninth, the Buckeyes brought sophomore closer Trace Dempsey into the game in a non-save situation to get some work. Dempsey retired the Illini in order and ended the game with a strikeout to give OSU its 25th win, 7-3. The Buckeyes improve to 25-13 overall and 9-6 in Big Ten play. Illinois falls to 24-12 on the year and 6-6 in conference competition. King was the winning pitcher and improved his record to 6-4 with a 2.50 ERA. Castellanos took the loss and falls to 2-1 with a 5.20 ERA. Although King struggled in the first inning, when the Buckeyes were able to give him a comfortable lead, he knew he was going to be able to settle in. “I could put my fastball where I wanted it,” King said. “They picked me up so I knew I needed to pick them up for the rest of the game.” OSU coach Greg Beals was pleased with the way the Buckeyes have played the last two games, and even happier that they have won two Big Ten series in a row. “We’ve done it two weekends in a row,” Beals said. “This should be a learning experience for them and learning how to win and what it takes to win games. It really speaks a lot in terms of their competitive toughness.” The Buckeyes don’t play again until Friday, when they are set to open a weekend series with Penn State at Bill Davis Stadium. First pitch is set for 6:35 p.m. read more

Blaz Rola wins mens NCAA Singles Championship

Blaz Rola, junior for the Ohio State men’s tennis team, has been crowned the 2013 NCAA singles champion.Rola took down No. 3 Jarmere Jenkins of the University of Virginia 7-6(8), 6-4 on Sunday to complete his run through the tournament to claim the first ever singles championship in program history.Mark Batke / Lantern photographerAfter the Buckeyes fell to No. 1 UCLA last week it looked as though the men’s tennis program would be left without a national championship again this season. Rola was the highest ranked player entering the tournament for the Buckeyes but his No. 12 ranking did not instill much confidence in the OSU faithful.Despite this Rola defeated six ranked opponents, and only lost one set throughout the tournament en route to his championship victory.The championship comes a year after Rola advanced to the semifinals but fell 6-2, 6-1 to Kentucky’s Eric Quigley. It completed a 32-1 season for the Slovenian, his only loss coming at the hands of Jared Hiltzik of Illinois, the Big Ten freshman of the year.A hard fought first set saw Rola win the tiebreak 10-8 despite giving up four-consecutive wins to allow Jenkins to tie the set at 6-6. In the second set Rola broke in the 7th game and held serve for the rest of the match for the 6-4 and the championship.This was not the first national championship Rola has earned in his time at OSU. He was last season’s doubles champion with his partner Chase Buchanan. Rola is also a four-time All-American and a three-time unanimous First Team All-Big Ten pick. read more

Aaron Craft Lenzelle Smith Jr prepare for final home game as Ohio

Senior guard Lenzelle Smith Jr. (32) takes a shot during a game against Wyoming Nov. 25 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 65-50.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorBeing in the same recruiting class with the likes of Deshaun Thomas and Jared Sullinger, Ohio State senior guards Aaron Craft and Lenzelle Smith Jr. might have been a bit overshadowed initially among Buckeye fans.Thomas and Sullinger — both five-star products out of high school — were big pieces of the OSU squads who made trips to the Final Four and Elite Eight in back-to-back seasons. But they’ve since moved on to play professionally, and even though Craft and Smith Jr. might have been second-tier then — they’ve certainly left their mark on the program.“Both guys, you look at how many games they’ve won here, championships they’ve been a part of, it’s really an amazing four years,” OSU coach Thad Matta said Friday, two days before the Buckeyes are scheduled to take on No. 22 Michigan State in what will be the final home game of the regular season. “I think with that said, both guys have had a major impact on this program in terms of making it better. And that’s what we ask guys to do.”Craft and Smith Jr. were the fastest players in school history to record 100 wins, reaching that milestone in just 119 games after OSU beat North Florida 99-64 Nov. 29.Craft, Smith Jr. and the rest of the Buckeyes have had some tough and exciting contests against the Spartans recently.Last season, the Buckeyes beat Michigan State 61-58 in the Big Ten Tournament, but fell in the two teams previous meeting this season in East Lansing, Mich., 72-68 in overtime in their first lost of the season. With a familiar opponent on the docket for their final home game at OSU, Craft said he wouldn’t rather it be against anyone else.“I honestly don’t think there could be a better way to play our last game here. I’ve loved playing against Michigan State,” Craft said Friday. “Since freshman year we’ve always had great battles with them. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m excited to see what we can do as a team going into this game.”For Smith Jr., however, the game against the Spartans means something a little differently because of the friendships he’s formed with members of Michigan State’s team.“It’s actually kind of the sweet but not so sweet moment. Just seeing as how I’m so close to some of those guys on the team,” Smith Jr. said Friday. “We’ve hung out in the summer, we went to the Big Ten media days in Chicago … We talked, had fun and it’s different when you see them on the opposite side of the court. It’s like, ‘I’m not here to be your friend, don’t even talk to me.’”Craft enters the game as OSU’s all-time leader in steals and assists with 293 and 623 respectively, and with numbers like those is likely to be remembered fondly in Buckeye lore. But he said he doesn’t think about being in the same breath as former players like David Lighty, Mike Conley Jr., Greg Oden or Scoonie Penn.“I just don’t feel comfortable putting myself in close to the same categories of guys that (have) come before,” Craft said. “I’m just very honored and humbled to continue on what they’ve established here. And to play a very small part of that.”Aside from it being Craft and Smith Jr.’s final go around at the Schottenstein Center, the game against the Spartans (23-7, 12-5, 3rd in the Big Ten) holds implications for next week’s Big Ten Tournament. OSU (22-8, 9-8 tied for fifth in the Big Ten) sits one game behind Nebraska for fourth place in the conference, and would need a victory against the Spartans and some help to finish in that spot and earn a first-round bye in the tournament.OSU has lost two straight games, falling on the road last week to Penn State and Indiana. Matta said no matter where they finish in the standings, a win against Michigan State would certainly be a step in the right direction.“This is our 18th Big Ten game, and 16 of them have been tooth and nail and down to the last couple minutes,” Matta said. “With that said, you’re playing a team that’s obviously a great basketball team. It’s a great opportunity for us to come out and close out the final game of the season.”As OSU searches for any bit of momentum it can get its hands on as the season draws to a close, Smith Jr. agreed with Matta and said a victory Sunday would be key to build that.“We can get a lot of momentum here with a win on Sunday to carry us over into the Big Ten Tournament,” Smith Jr. said. “We can get that going, and if we get hot at the right time, that’s the name of the game. You want to play your best basketball toward this time of the season and I think we can accomplish that.”Matta has gone on record as saying he would get behind putting up a statue commemorating Lighty’s accomplishments and what he’s meant to the program outside the arena. The same would go for Craft and Matta said he would want to “put it right next to David.”When Craft was told his head coach said that about him, though, he naturally spun it back to be more of a team oriented affair.“Legacy and all that stuff, it’s not about me, it’s not about Lenzelle. It’s about this university and the things we’ve been able to do as a team, whether it’s putting a year up on the banners in the gym,” Craft said. “That’s what’s going to be remembered. That’s what should be remembered.”Tipoff between the Buckeyes and Spartans is set for 4:30 p.m. Sunday. read more