Quicken Calls Lawsuit ‘Meritless and Frivolous’

first_img December 5, 2017 3,446 Views Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago About Author: David Wharton Home / Daily Dose / Quicken Calls Lawsuit ‘Meritless and Frivolous’ Subscribe David Wharton, Managing Editor at the Five Star Institute, is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where he received his B.A. in English and minored in Journalism. Wharton has over 16 years’ experience in journalism and previously worked at Thomson Reuters, a multinational mass media and information firm, as Associate Content Editor, focusing on producing media content related to tax and accounting principles and government rules and regulations for accounting professionals. Wharton has an extensive and diversified portfolio of freelance material, with published contributions in both online and print media publications. Wharton and his family currently reside in Arlington, Texas. He can be reached at [email protected] Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago in Daily Dose, Featured, Journal, News, Secondary Market Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Previous: Senate Banking Committee Approves Jerome Powell as Fed Chair Next: Silver Lining to Rising Home Prices . . . Quicken Loans today responded to a new class-action lawsuit alleging the online mortgage lender illegally collected personal information from visitors to its website. The suit claims Quicken Loans and marketing company NaviStone used keystroke logging technology to gather information such as names, addresses, and other sensitive data as website visitors filled out online forms. Quicken Loans said they are confident the case will be quickly dismissed.The lawsuit was filed Friday, December 1, in a Newark, New Jersey federal court. It alleges that Quicken Loans and NaviStone violated Title I of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, colloquially known as the “Wiretap Act.”The suit states:On several occasions within the past six months, [the plaintiff] visited Quickenloans.com, but has never procured financial services from Quicken as a result of these visits. During each of the plaintiff’s visits Quicken wiretapped his electronic communications with the website, disclosed the intercepted data to NaviStone in real time, and used the intercepted data to attempt to learn his identity, postal address, and other [personally identifiable information].Quicken Loans released an official statement on the case, which reads, in part:This case is nothing more than an attempt by Plaintiff Michael Allen and his attorney, Frederick Klorczyk of Bursor & Fisher in New York City, to manufacture claims in an effort to coerce a settlement for their own gain. Klorczyk and Bursor & Fisher are attempting to run the standard playbook of predatory plaintiff’s law firms by bringing the same manufactured claims against a variety of defendants in an attempt to coerce them to ‘settle’ as opposed to incurring expensive legal costs and potential publicity due to the public nature of these lawsuits.Quicken Loans has no intention of settling these meritless claims. The complaint, which copies verbatim allegations filed by the same law firm against other defendants, appears to be spurred almost entirely by an erroneous media report. It is frivolous allegations like these that are clogging the courts and slowing progress on more pressing—and legitimate—matters.As alluded to in Quicken Loans’ statement, this is the fourth such lawsuit leveled against NaviStone in the past week, with others claiming similar activities between NaviStone and online mattress retailer Casper Sleep Inc., clothing retailer Moosejaw, and retailer Charles Tyrwhitte, Inc.Quicken Loans has been on the forefront of embracing online mortgage technology, chiefly through its “Rocket Mortgage” program, which allows users to upload financial details and receive a loan decision swiftly and entirely through the website or mobile app. In October 2017, Quicken Loans announced a partnership with digital transaction solutions manager eOriginal to incorporate an electronic note into Rocket Mortgage and store it as an authoritative copy through the eVault.You can read the full lawsuit filing by clicking here. 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How will National Works Councils affect UK firms?

first_imgFromMarch 2005, the Information and Consultation Directive will give UK workers anew right to minimum standards of information and consultation. This article answersyour questions on its likely impactIf a company has a European Works Council, does it also need a nationalworks council? The new requirement to have an employee consultative body at national level shouldnot be confused with the existing requirement to have a European Works Council(if a valid request for one is received from staff). However, if an organisation’s European Works Council is based in the UK, itmay be able to function as the national works council as well. But untilregulations on implementing national works councils are in place, thisrequirement will remain uncertain. There may also be practical difficulties relating to confidentiality whendealing with UK-specific matters. Will the directive apply to my company, and what is the deadline forcompliance? This depends on the number of workers in your company. All the evidence sofar is that the Government will decide that only businesses with more than 50staff will need to comply with the directive. The Government estimates thedirective will only apply to 1 per cent of all UK companies, although this willcover 75 per cent of employees. When businesses will actually have to comply is based on a sliding scale,which also depends on the number of staff. What are my company’s information and consultation obligations? The right to information and consultation will cover: – Information on the recent and probable development of the business’activities and economic situation – Information and consultation on the situation, structure and probabledevelopment of employment within the business and on any anticipatory measuresenvisaged, in particular where there is a threat to employment (ie,redundancies) – Information and consultation on decisions likely to lead to substantialchanges in work organisation or in contractual relations, including decisionsalready caught under the TUPE and collective redundancies information andconsultation obligations. It is unclear how much detail the Government will set out or exactly whatthese categories mean. However, some examples of areas that might be consideredare TUPE transfers, redundancies, changes to working conditions, restructuring,financial accounts, health and safety issues, business plans, environmentalissues, training and employee development. The list is potentially very long. How do the new requirements compare with current UK information andconsultation obligations? At present, there is no general framework requiring employers to set upstanding arrangements for informing and consulting with employeerepresentatives on general business issues that may impact on staff. There arespecific requirements obliging employers to inform and consult in relation toTUPE transfers, collective redundancies and other issues. However, theseobligations are usually only triggered after a specific event, such as aredundancy situation, or a business transfer. Under the new directive, staff representatives will have the right to beinformed and consulted on a very wide range of matters, potentially spanningall areas of business activity. They will also have the right to be informed ona continual basis, not just on the occurrence of single trigger events, as inmuch of the current legislation. When does the information have to be given and consultation have tooccur? The directive states that information should be given to staffrepresentatives ‘at such time, in such fashion and with such content’ as are appropriateto enable them to conduct an adequate study and, where necessary, prepare forconsultation. The timing, method and content of consultation should be ‘appropriate’ andit should be conducted at the relevant level of management and representation(depending on the subject under discussion) and on the basis of informationsupplied by the employer, and an opinion formulated by the staffrepresentatives. The first step, therefore, is to provide information. Once therepresentatives have had an opportunity to consider the information, you mustconsult with them. You must allow staff representatives to meet with thecompany and give a response to any opinion they put forward, together with areason for that response. Consultation must also be ‘with a view to reaching anagreement’ on certain decisions. However, nothing in the directive gives staff the power to make decisions oroverride or affect an employer’s decision. Therefore, the national workscouncil will not have any power to legally negotiate or bargain with theemployer. But for the sake of good employee relations, you may decide to acceptits wishes at times. This is an edited version of part of Personnel Today’s One Stop Guide toEmployee Consultation How will National Works Councils affect UK firms?On 1 Jul 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Tourist activity of population of Republic of Croatia in 2016

first_imgIn 2016, at least one private multi-day trip was 1.6 million people or 44.0% of the population of Croatia aged 15 and over, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).A total of 3.8 million of private trips were realized, of which 2.5 million (67.8%) were realized in Croatia and 1.2 million (32.2%) were realized abroad. The most common international destinations were Bosnia and Herzegovina (21.5% trips), Italy (13.7%), Germany (12.0%), Austria (11.3%) and Slovenia (9.1%).The most common reasons for going on a private trip with overnigh stays were visiting relatives and friends (1.2 million trips or 32.7%) and seaside vacation (1.1 million trips or 28.3%).The largest number of nights was realized in non-commercial AccommodationThe population of the Republic of Croatia realized a total of 23.1 million nights on trips with overnight stays, of which 16.8 million (72.8%) were realized in Croatia, while 6.3 million (27.2%) were realized abroad. An average of 6.1 nights were realized on a single trip. An average of 6.6 nights were realized on trips in Croatia, while for trips abroad the average amounted to 5.2 nights.By type of accommodation, the largest number of nights was realized in non-commercial accommodation establishments (16.5 million nights or 71.5%), of which 8.6 million nights were realized in non-commercial accommodation establishments owned by relatives and friends and 7.3 million nights were realized in own vacation homes (second homes).Average travel expenses amounted to HRK 1The total expenditure on private trips with overnight stays amounted to 6.5 billion kuna, of which 3.1 billion (48.8%) were spent in Croatia, while 3.3 billion (51.2%) were spent abroad. Average travel expenses amounted to HRK 1.In 2016, 56% of the population of the Republic of Croatia did not go on a trip, usually due to financial reasonsOut of the total population of the Republic of Croatia aged 15 and over, 2.0 million or 56.0% of them did not go on a private trip with overnight stays in 2016. The most common reasons for not going on private trips with overnight stays (multiple answers possible) were the lack of finances (61.6%), health reasons (24.3%) and lack of free time due to family obligations (15.9%).More business / professional trips were realized abroadThere were 318 thousand persons or 8.8% of the total population of the Republic of Croatia aged 15 and over in 2016 that went on at least one business / professional trip with overnight stays. A total of 784 thousand business / professional trips were realized, of which 380 thousand (48.5%) in the Republic of Croatia and 403 thousand (51.5%) abroad.Almost 7 million same-day visits were realizedIn 2016, the population of the Republic of Croatia aged 15 and over realized 6.8 million same-day visits, out of which 6.1 million (88.8%) were for private and 765 thousand (11.2%) were for business / professional purposes.For the first time in Croatia, 100 million overnight stays were realizedCroatian tourism has achieved historic tourism results this weekend.The long-awaited and anticipated record of 100 million overnights has been recorded for the first time in Croatia’s eVisitor system, which includes tourist traffic realized in commercial and non-commercial facilities and nautical charter (eCrew system).So, in the period from 1 January to 29 October. According to the first data, in Croatia, 17.8 million arrivals and 100.1 million nights spent in Croatia. This is an increase of 13 percent in arrivals and 12 percent in nights. The largest number of overnight stays were made from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, and most of the overnight stays were realized in Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Poreč, Medulin and Umag. Analyzing traffic by type of accommodation, in the mentioned period most of the overnight stays were realized in household facilities (about 35 million), hotels (around 24 million) and camps (around 19 million).last_img read more

UK’s NEST adopts ‘climate aware’ fund for default strategy

first_imgNEST, the UK government-backed defined contribution (DC) master trust, is allocating a portion of the assets in its default strategy to a new “climate aware” fund managed by UBS Asset Management.It seeded the fund with around £130m (€154m), representing roughly 20% of its current developed equities portfolio and 10% of total investments in the default strategy. It is intended to address risks and capture opportunities associated with the move to fight climate change.The UBS Life Climate Aware World Equity fund tracks the FTSE Developed Index, but over- and underweights companies depending on their alignment with the transition to a low carbon economy.For example, a positive “tilt” will be applied to companies providing renewable energy or those making changes to meet targets in line with the internationally agreed goal of keeping global warming to 2ºC above pre-industrial levels. A negative “tilt” will be applied to companies that are heavy carbon emitters, have fossil fuel reserves, or are not adapting to the 2ºC scenario.Despite it being a tracker fund it will apply an active voting and engagement policy. This will concentrate on companies that need to adapt their business models to meet climate change goals.Mark Fawcett, NEST’s CIO, emphasised the mandate was aimed at managing the investment risks associated with climate change as well as being positioned to capture investment opportunities.In a statement, he said: “As responsible long term investors on behalf of our members, we can’t afford to ignore climate change risks and we’ve committed to being part of the solution.“Through the UBS Life Climate Aware World Equity Fund we can start reducing our members’ exposure to some of the worst financial impacts. At the same time they’ll get in early in industries and technologies that’ll help the global economy move away from fossil fuels.”Responding to questions from journalists yesterday evening, he was adamant that this was not a marketing ploy and nor was the pension fund taking a moral stance on climate change.He noted that the youngest member in NEST is 17 years old and could be investing via the pension fund for 50-60 years, a period during which “climate will change, the world economy will change”.For its youngest members, the pension fund aimed to invest 30% of the equities in the Foundation Phase of its Retirement Date Funds to the new UBS fund.NEST’s move was welcomed by the chief executives of ShareAction, the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC).NEST is the second UK pension fund in a short space of time to have integrated climate change considerations in the investment strategy for a DC default strategy.In November last year HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme adopted a new Legal & General Investment Management multi-factor equity fund with a climate change “tilt” as the DC scheme’s default option.Fawcett was reluctantly drawn to comment on the difference with the Legal & General fund that the HBSC scheme has adopted, saying there is “a significant difference”.In addition to being a smart beta fund with, as Fawcett described it, a “climate or low carbon overlay”, the Legal & General fund also provides for divestment from companies – something NEST had sought to avoid.Fawcett said that NEST had assessed existing products on the market but felt that none of these – active or passive – met the fund’s requirements.The pension fund had sought a forward-looking perspective by focussing on companies that are transitioning to a low carbon economy, without exclusion or divestment rules.The new UBS fund is the outcome of a year-long collaboration between the asset manager and NEST, and for NEST is also an output of three years of work on climate change.NEST was established in 2008 as a UK government-backed vehicle for its auto-enrolment pension policy. It took home the Best European Pension Fund award at December’s IPE Awards in Berlin.last_img read more

Eco Wave Power eyes 20MW power plant in Portugal

first_imgFurthermore, this agreement is in line with Portugal’s plan to accelerate the development of ocean renewable energy sector. Eco Wave Power has reached a concession agreement with APDL (A Administração dos Portos do Douro, Leixões e Viana do Castelo) to use an area potentially suitable for a wave energy power plant of up to 20MW in four locations owned and operated by APDL. In addition, Eco Wave Power will be responsible for securing all the licences, constructing and commissioning. Ocean renewable energies have the potential to supply 25 per cent of Portugal’s annual power consumption In addition, the sector could generate €254 million in investment and 1,500 new jobs. To remind, EWP has recently set up a new combined wave and solar system in the EWP grid-connected wave energy power station in Gibraltar. APDL will have a right of first refusal (ROFR) to invest partially or fully in both stages of the project.center_img EWP plans to construct and commission the power plant in two stages. APDL will provide EWP with the concession for its breakwaters for a period of 25 to 30 years. Further, the company will construct, operate and maintain the remaining capacity of the plant (15 to 19 additional MWs). Inna Braverman, the CEO of Eco Wave Power, said: “When it comes to wave energy, the government of Portugal estimated that there is a potential to install 3-4GW of wave power capacity in Portugal alone.” At the first stage, Eco Wave Power will construct an up to 5MW project. last_img read more

NBA 2020 MVP Odds: Antetokounmpo leads the way in the MVP race

first_imgLast Updated: 1st November, 2019 15:59 IST NBA 2020 MVP Odds: Antetokounmpo Leads The Way In The MVP Race 2018-19 NBA MVP winner Giannis Antetokounmpo started the season as the favourite for the 2020 NBA MVP award. Steph Curry drops down, owing to his hand injury. Colin DCunha SUBSCRIBE TO US Also Read | NBA Oct 31 Highlights: Embiid–KAT Feud, Stephen Curry InjuredNBA MVP 2020: Curry out, AD in? Two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry, meanwhile, has seen his odds plummet in recent weeks. Curry, who is the only player to have been unanimously selected as MVP in the history of the NBA, entered the 2019-20 season as the second favourite. However, the Warriors star sustained a fracture in his left hand during the Warriors’ 121-110 loss to the Phoenix Suns. His injury, coupled with the Warriors’ unfortunate start to the season means that the two-time MVP faces tough odds in the MVP running this time.Also Read | NBA: Golden State Warriors Shift Base To Chase Center For New SeasonSteph Curry’s drop is Anthony Davis’ win. The former Pelicans star led the Lakers’ 120-91 rout of the Grizzlies. His 40-point display against the Grizzlies means that the MVP chants for the towering Lakers star will grow louder as the season progresses. Also Read | NBA: San Antonio Spurs Vs LA Clippers Result And Player Ratings Giannis Antetokounmpo, also known as the “Greek Freak”, opened as the MVP frontrunner way back in July 2019. After the month of October, the Milwaukee Bucks power forward is still going strong in the running for the NBA MVP 2020. Antetokounmpo’s odds are rather surprising, given that the towering Greek has failed to replicate his scoring numbers from last season. The Bucks are also experiencing somewhat of a downturn, which could mean that they might struggle to maintain the momentum required to replicate their 60-win pace from last season.Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns surprisingly had distant odds during the beginning. The Dominican has been on a rampage for the Timberwolves this season. Given that Towns is currently averaging 27.3 points and 11.5 rebounds while shooting 53 percent on over eight 3-point attempts per game, his distant odds of 100-1 has perplexed NBA fans this season.Also Read | NBA Players And Fans React To Stephen Curry’s Injury On TwitterNBA MVP 2020: Giannis Antetokounmpo, the favouritePrior to the start of the NBA 2019-20 season, Giannis Antetokounmpo stood among the favourites to retain the NBA MVP award, having secured his first title in the 2018-19 season. The list of favourites saw Antetokounmpo followed by James Harden, LA Clippers’ new signing Kawhi Leonard, Warriors’ star Steph Curry and the Lakers’ duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Just like Karl-Anthony Towns, Pascal Siakam was another of those touted as long shots for the 2020 MVP. However, after impressing in the opening week, the Raptors’ power forward now ranks fifth in the NBA at scoring at 28 points per game. This is a significant improvement from last season when he averaged 16.9. First Published: 1st November, 2019 15:59 IST FOLLOW US WATCH US LIVE WE RECOMMEND 10 months ago NBA: Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki gets street named after him Written By 10 months ago NBA players and fans react to Stephen Curry’s injury on Twitter LIVE TV 10 months ago NBA Oct 31 Highlights: Embiid–KAT feud, Stephen Curry injured 10 months ago NBA: Watch James Harden drop 59 points in Rockets’ win over Wizards COMMENT 10 months ago NBA: Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns brawl on court & social medialast_img read more

Former Black Stars striker George Alhassan is gone

first_imgAccra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club is sorry to announce the demise of one its most illustrious sons, George Alhassan whose sudden death occurred on the 26th of July, 2013 at the age of 72.The former Hearts of Oak striker, born on 9th September, 1941, led the line for the Phobians in the 1960s through to the early 1970s.His playing mates were Abeka Ankrah, Robert Foli, Joe Ghartey, Joe Dakota and others. George Alhassan, affectionately called “Ga Mantse” for his stint with Accra Hearts of Oak was a loyal servant of the Black Stars. The former Black Stars striker also played in the 1968 Olympics game where Ghana finished third in their Group behind Hungary and Israel respectively.George Alhassan was a thorn-in-the-flesh of arch-rivals Kumasi Asante Kotoko, and he scored five times against the Porcupines in the league during his stint with Accra Hearts of Oak.The “Ga Mantse” scored in a classic 3-2 thriller win over Kotoko in Accra to end the Porcupine warriors’ unbeaten streak in the league in the 1963/64 season. He was also part of the Accra Hearts of Oak team that toured the United Kingdom for preseason in August, 1970.Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club expresses its profoundest condolence to the family of George Alhassan. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Fare thee well, our “mantse.”last_img read more