Watch Phish’s Performance Of David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” Album [Full Video]

first_imgUpdate 11/2/16: Unfortunately, this video was too good to be true, and has since been pulled from YouTube.Last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Phish put on their first true musical costume in six years with a performance of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. The homage to the recently-departed David Bowie was an all out display of musicianship, with a full six-piece string ensemble and three backup singers supporting the four members of Phish.Tom Hamilton’s American Babies Announce David Bowie Masquerade Ball In New York CityFrom cover to cover, Phish remained true to the album, taking only minimal opportunities to improvise during the eleven song album. Instead, the band put their love for Bowie out in full force, pouring their hearts into each and every track. You can read the full review here.Fortunately, YouTube user Tom Rowles has added a full video of the performance. Watch it below and enjoy.Joe Russo’s Almost Dead guitarist Tom Hamilton will be bringing his American Babies to NYC’s American Beauty for a masquerade party that will feature the group playing David Bowie‘s final album Blackstar in its entirety, along with other choice cuts. The show is this Saturday, November 5th. Purchase tickets here.last_img read more

Mosquitoes bite

first_imgAgnique has an active ingredient that forms a film onthe water surface, smothering mosquito larvae. You can buy itfrom Adapco by calling 1-800-367-0659.Altosid 30-Day Briquets (on-line) and ZodiacPreventative Mosquito Control (in pet stores) containmethoprene, an insect growth regulator.Bactimos Briquets, Mosquito Dunks andMosquito Bits contain Bti, a bacterium specific tomosquitoes. You can get them on-line or in hardware,feed-and-seed and garden stores. By April ReeseUniversity of GeorgiaAfter five years of drought, Georgia came into this spring with abacklog of unhatched mosquito eggs. Now, suddenly, the state isfacing a mosquito “baby boom.”Mosquito eggs lie dormant until they’re immersed in water, whichsignals them to hatch, said Nancy Hinkle, a University of Georgiascientist. Because Georgia hasn’t had enough rain to flood theirhabitats in years, leftover eggs from years gone by were justwaiting to be soaked and stimulated to hatch.Hinkle, an entomologist with the UGA College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences, said the best way to limit the insects’population explosion is to focus on pools of water left behind byall the rains. These are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes.Don’t worry about ditches or streams where the water is moving.”Mosquito larvae can’t develop in flowing water,” Hinkle said.Controlling breeding sitesThe cheapest and best way to control mosquitoes, she said, is toget rid of places where they breed.Used tires, for instance, are “significant breeding sites,”Hinkle said. “Tires should be recycled and properly disposed ofto keep them from becoming mosquito sources.”There are more potential mosquito nurseries than you might think,Hinkle said. She suggests these tips: Mosquito Larvicide ProductsHinkle said many over-the-counter products kill mosquito larvae. Around the yard, remove any container that holds water, orturn it upside down.Clean out birdbaths weekly and replenish them with freshwater.Drain or flush the water weekly in wading pools, flowerpotsaucers and other spots where water collects.Clean rain gutters so water doesn’t puddle.Trim shrubbery and eliminate tall grass and weeds where adult mosquitoes hide during the day. Another biological control option is stocking standing water with”mosquito fish,” or gambusia.”These small minnows feed on mosquito larvae and reproduce, sothey maintain themselves and provide ongoing suppression,” Hinklesaid.You can stock lily pools, ponds, ditches and even livestock-watering troughs with these tiny fish. Order them on-line.For severe mosquito infestations, consider hiring a professionalpest-control company with expertise in mosquito control.For personal protectionFor the mosquitoes that have already hatched, repellents can helpprotect you from bites. Hinkle suggests ways to limit yourexposure to mosquitoes. Always follow label instructions to protect you and theenvironment, Hinkle said.But she advises caution about what you buy to control mosquitoes.They’re not always what they claim to be. “Mosquito plants don’trepel mosquitoes,” she said. “Neither do garlic, herbal braceletsor ultrasonic devices.”Traps that use light or carbon dioxide to lure in insects mayattract more mosquitoes than they kill. If you’re considering oneof these bug-busters, “Give the device to a neighbor a blockaway,” Hinkle said.To learn more about controlling mosquitoes, call the Universityof Georgia Extension Service office in your county. Or visit theWest Nile Web site at Reese is a student writer with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.) Wear light-colored clothes outside. Dark colors attractmosquitoes.Stay indoors at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are usuallymost active.Wear a repellent containing DEET, and treat clothing with aproduct such as Permanone (containing permethrin). Herbalrepellents work for less than an hour.If you use citronella candles, orient them so the breezedirects the candle smoke toward you. The smoke is what repelsmosquitoes.last_img read more

On-the-go Snacks

first_imgWith kids in after-school activities and adults working full-time jobs, ensuring that the family is eating, much less eating right, can be a challenge.Making well-rounded meals or snacks is easier when parents get into the habit of thinking ahead.Preparing snacks ahead of time alleviates stress when trying to keep tiny tummies full and tiny bodies nourished, said Alison Berg, an assistant professor in the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences Department of Foods and Nutrition and UGA Cooperative Extension specialist. Berg suggests that families looking to plan their meals and snacks in advance visit for meal planning ideas and nutrition information.“ is fantastic,” Berg said. “It’s backed by years of nutrition science to say, ‘This is what we should be eating,’ and it’s applicable for people ages 2 years and older to see what their eating patterns should be like.”Berg’s go-to snack suggestions include whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables that are easy to transport.Prepared snack foods are also options, but parents need to read those labels carefully.“I see a lot of granola bars being consumed,” Berg said. “They come in a single serving, they typically have nuts and whole grains so kids get protein, carbohydrates and heart-healthy fats. It would be nice to complement that with a fruit that will last in the backpack. Homemade trail mix that has whole-grain cereal, nuts and dried fruit can also be a good choice on the go. Those will sustain your energy levels.”Preparing food to eat prior to a physical activityThe best food choices before a physical activity depend on how far in advance the food is being eaten. If there are 30 minutes before the activity, eat carbohydrates, such as whole fruits or bread. If there is an hour before the activity, eat a carbohydrate and a protein, like half of a sandwich on whole-grain bread or a banana with peanut butter.After the physical activity is complete, choose foods that provide both carbohydrates and protein to help with recovery.“Chocolate milk is a good recovery drink,” said Berg. “It has carbs and proteins. Also, the snack that’s good an hour before (the physical activity) is good after, such as a banana and peanut butter, a peanut butter or turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread, or a yogurt with fruit.”Time crunch at the drive-thruEven on nights when meal and snack plans fall through, it’s not impossible to make nutritious choices, Berg said.Fast-food restaurants are adding healthier options to their drive-thru menus. Berg suggests swapping out some foods for healthier alternatives, such as getting a salad instead of fries, or getting a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a cheeseburger. Oftentimes, the condiments are the culprits with hidden calories.“Sometimes just asking for condiments on the side will save calories,” Berg said. “The burger might be fine, the bun might be fine, but the mayo and toppings can add a lot of calories. Just stick to the basics.”As the school year comes into full swing, devote time during the week to prepare food or plan meals, Berg said. It can save time and lead to healthier decisions.last_img read more

First Lady Frances Wolf Announces 2017 Governor’s Awards for the Arts to be Held in Lancaster

first_img First Lady Frances Wolf,  Press Release LANCASTER, PA – First Lady Frances Wolf today joined Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray and members of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts to announce that the 2017 Governor’s Awards for the Arts will be held October 26 at the Lancaster County Convention Center in downtown Lancaster. This will be the first time the state arts event has been held in the City of Lancaster. In keeping with event tradition, the host community will be named the “Cultural Capital of the Commonwealth” for the day of the event.“With deep roots interwoven with our nation’s history and a distinguished reputation today as a city that embraces the arts, Lancaster is an ideal host community for the Governor’s Awards for the Arts,” said First Lady Wolf. “We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our commonwealth’s arts community and showcasing the rich arts and culture of Lancaster itself.”The awards recognize artistic accomplishments in four categories: Distinguished Arts Award, Patron Award, Artist of the Year Award (the Hazlett Memorial Award) and the Arts Leadership & Service Award. A call for nominations is currently open and available at through May 11, 2017.The Governor’s Awards for the Arts originated in Harrisburg in 1980 and were held there until 1996. The ceremony was then taken on the road and is now held in a different city across the commonwealth each year. The event has allowed multiple regions of the state to share in this celebration of the arts and showcase their unique cultural assets.Past recipients of the Distinguished Arts Award include Marian Anderson, Andrew Wyeth, James Michener, Jennifer Higdon, Fred Rogers, M. Night Shyamalan, Marilyn Horne, Lang Lang, August Wilson, Rob Marshall, Jeff Koons and Michael Keaton. There have been more than 180 honorees to date.The 2017 award recipients will be announced this summer and posted on the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts’ website ( contributions support the ceremony, reception, award objects and related expenses.The Governor’s Awards for the Arts are administered by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency under the Office of the Governor. The Council’s mission is to foster the excellence, diversity and vitality of the arts in Pennsylvania, and to broaden the availability and appreciation of those arts throughout the state. April 27, 2017 First Lady Frances Wolf Announces 2017 Governor’s Awards for the Arts to be Held in Lancastercenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Jerald Harris does a wing dance at Waynesboro

first_imgBy Jim HainesWAYNESBORO, Va. (April 23) – The Harris boys are trying some new wing mounts on their cars and they seem to be working as Jerald Harris went to the front and stayed there in Saturday’s Virginia Sprint Series feature at Eastside Speedway.Harris became the third different winner in as many IMCA EMI RaceSaver Sprint Car events this season when the tour made its first of four visits to Waynesboro.Tony Harris and Bill Rice paced the field at the start with Tony Harris out front on the low line with Rice taking his high line. Jerald Harris made his way to third and worked on Rice until getting by on lap five, taking off after Tony leaving Rice to battle Humphries.Jerald Harris dove low and to the lead as Tony Harris was getting loose and had to hold off Hum­phries. Jerald Harris was pacing the field as Humphries got under Tony Harris, but lost it the follow­ing turn and took Tony Harris with him.Jerald Harris took off after the quick yellow and Troy Severin got by Glenn Worrell for second and that’s how it would stay.Feature results – 1. Jerald Harris; 2. Troy Severin; 3. Glenn Worrell; 4. Brian Lawson; 5. An­thony Linkenhoker; 6. Kevin Fletcher; 7. Daren Bolac; 8. Michael Keeton; 9. J.D. Coats; 10. Josh Perreault; 11. Tony Harris; 12. Bill Rice; 13. Tom Humphries.last_img read more