first_imgLast Saturday supporters of Dr. Richard Moss for Congress braved the dropping temperatures  at the Four Freedoms Monument in Evansville to help him formally launch his campaign for 8th District Congressman. The crowd cheered enthusiastically as he spoke of creating a new conservative Republican Party.Dr. Moss said “Like many conservatives, I am disgusted with today’s “Stand-For-Nothing” Republican Leadership. Over the past year, they have caved on every major issue. Not one single critical issue did they stand up and fight for beyond meaningless Washington bluster and political theater. Republicans control both chambers of Congress thanks to us. They control overwhelming majorities of governorship’s and statehouses thanks to us. We didn’t send them there to work with Obama but to oppose him! Yet for the past year they have behaved no differently than a Democrat Congress would have. On the debt, Obamacare, amnesty, Loretta Lynch, the EPA, the Supreme Court, gutting the military, ISIS, Cuba, “fast-track status,” the Import-Export Bank, Planned Parenthood, securing the border, and the horrendous nuclear deal with Iran, the Republican leadership has been a reliable supporter of – Barack Obama. Republican leadership must be defeated beginning with House Speaker John Boehner and his loyal foot soldiers in the House including Congressman Larry Bucshon (8th Congressional District). On issue after issue, Larry Bucshon has voted with the Republican Establishment – and Barack Obama.We can no longer stand for business as usual. We can no longer accept big government Republicans like John Boehner and his acolyte Larry Bucshon who campaign one way and vote another. We need a new Conservative Republican Party that stands firmly on the side of liberty, limited government, and the Constitution, a determined, principled Republican party, as Reagan said, “of bold colors not pale pastels.” We also need a true conservative Republican representing the 8th Congressional donservative paristrict – not another Establishment Republican like Larry Bucshon. We need someone who will oppose the Republican Establishment and the Democrats and fight for American workers, American citizens, and America herself – someone who will vote to undo tyhe damage of the Obama years and restore American greatness. With your help, I will be that representative.”Dr. Moss is no stranger to conservatism as he has written articles published across the state for 10 years. An Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon from Jasper Indiana who also works out of Washington Indiana, he sees every day the effect the policies of this administration has on working class families.He has spent extensive time volunteering, speaking and visiting in the middle east, Israel, South and Central America, Africa and Asia and has first-hand knowledge of the role America plays in the world stage. His supporters believe as I do that he is the man who can best represent the 8th District in Congress. If you would like to join him in his campaign or donate visit his website at rmoss4congress.com or communicate directly with his campaign at [email protected] or phone at 812-684-0971. Like him on facebook page is www.facebook.com/rmoss4congress.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more