How to watch Rupert Murdoch answer phone hacking scandal questions

first_imgAt 9:30am (EST) Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the media empire News Corpoation, will be sat down in front of a panel of politicians in London to answer questions. The focus is on the revelations regarding phone hacking carried out by employees and associates of News International and his former newspaper The News of the World.The panel will want to know what involvement, if any, Mr Murdoch had with the phone hacking. Or at the very least, what he knew of it being carried out at one of his publications in the UK. Those same questions will be put to his son, James Murdoch, who holds the position of chairman and chief exectuive of News Corporation, Europe and Asia. Finally we will get to hear from Rebekah Brooks, former editor of The News of the World who resigned and was later arrested by police.AdChoices广告The scandal surrounding this phone hacking has multiple investigations underway to find out exactly what happened. The next few hours are expected to be the most revealing though, as both Murdochs and Brooks will be asked some tough questions they may not wish to answer.So how do you go about seeing Rupert Murdoch put under the spotlight?If you are in the UK then the BBC is live streaming the questioning. In the U.S. your best bet is probably going to be the live stream offered by CNN. An alternative is available from which will live stream on the C-SPAN3 channel.CNN and the BBC already seem to be offering the stream as former Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Paul Stephenson is currently being questioned.If you have any other ways to watch please share them with us and we can update the list. It’s sure to be an interesting watch as Rupert Murdoch hasn’t been put in this position for some 40 years.via GigaOMlast_img read more