Leaked Microsoft Surface Pro starting at €809 in Germany

first_imgThe Surface RT seems to be selling like hotcakes, but many would-be buyers are holding out for its Intel-powered sibling, the Surface Pro. It’s not available yet, but that hasn’t stopped online retailer Notebook.de from adding two SKUs to its system and pricing out the 64GB Surface Pro at €809 and the 128GB model for €100 more.Converting those figures directly won’t give an accurate picture of what the Surface Pro will sell for in the U.S., but they might help us take an educated guess. Considering that the 11-inch, 64GB MacBook Air sells for €1049 in Germany and $999 in the U.S., it seems as though the Surface Pro could fall somewhere in the $699 to $749 range. And since an extra 32GB of storage for the Surface RT costs $100, the bump from 64GB to 128GB on the Surface Pro could easily tack on another $150.As always, these figures need to be taken with a healthy dose of salt. Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything official yet, and there’s an additional reason to be doubtful about Notebook.de’s listing. It originally claimed delivery dates of three two four weeks, but most industry sources say that the Surface Pro won’t start shipping until January. Based on that kind of “optimism,” it’s very possible that these folks are simply throwing out a reasonable-sounding figure and hoping that Surface enthusiasts are willing to plunk down their pre-order cash.Notebook.de has since revised the listing, which now says what we’d expect: “currently no delivery date given by supplier.” No one’s going to start shipping the Surface Pro before Microsoft, so it might be a good idea to hang on to your cash and keep watching the Surface website (and Geek.com, of course) for more news.More at The Windows Clublast_img read more