LG has a curved battery to complement its curved smartphone display

first_imgLast week it was rumored, and this week it has been confirmed that LG is manufacturing a 6-inch curved display using plastic substrates for use in a smartphone.The jury is still out on the benefits on using a curved display in a handset, but the proof will inevitably come from actually using one. However, a curved display does pose some problems for manufacturers because other components aren’t curved. For example, how do you place a large, flat battery in a curved handset?LG is answering that question by not using the standard rechargeable batteries found in all modern smartphones today. While the company’s display division (LG Display) has been perfecting this new, curved display, LG’s battery division (LG Chem) has been perfecting a curved battery to go along with it. And that battery is already being mass produced.LG filed a patent for its curved battery back in August 2012 and it was subsequently published in May of this year. The patent describes a layered battery that is enclosed in a flexible pouch. The battery can be formed into a curve shape at point of manufacture by applying pressure to it using curved plates at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.It seems likely the new battery will be used in LG’s upcoming G Flex curved phone expected to launch next month. So we’ll be getting a smartphone with two new pieces of tech to try out. Hopefully the battery performs like any other in terms of battery life and overall lifetime as LG has plans to use it in watches and smart glasses as well as a range of phones next year. Who knows, we may even get a curved tablet.[Image credit: Yonhap News Agency]last_img read more