Cerro Gordo County Engineer encourages people not to be “mudding” on rural roads

first_imgMASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Engineer is encouraging people not to use the county’s roads for mudding. Brandon Billings says it does more harm than good when people try to have fun at the expense of the condition of the road.   “People are starting to decide and do mudding on the roads, so I just want to make sure everybody’s aware that there’s real trouble you can get in by going out and doing donuts on the gravel roads or on the dirt roads. Don’t go out there and do damage. I’d appreciate it if people drove respectfully on the roads as they do the rest of the year. It just seems like in the spring it happens every year.” Billings says there was an instance on Tuesday morning of a bad mudding incident that he says resulted in the county putting quite a bit of time and money to get it back into shape. Billings says they inform the Sheriff’s Department if there’s been mudding activity noticed.  ”We tell them to patrol extra in those areas, just to see if they can catch someone out there. We have a description of the vehicle that did it this time. If I can figure it out from that area, which there’s some names that were given to me, I might just go talk to the person and say ‘look here, this could be some real trouble for you, I’d prefer if you don’t do this’. I don’t actually want somebody to get in trouble, I’d like to make sure they are aware that this could cause some trouble and let them know to stop before this turns into a thing.” Billings made his comments at today’s meeting of the county’s Board of Supervisors.last_img

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