A President without any respect for our Constitution

first_imgDear Editor,It has been roughly nine months since the Granger Government fell from power, but Granger is refusing to resign and call elections. Clearly, this is a man without any respect for our Constitution, or anything for that matter.The Constitution is the supreme law of our land; only dysfunctional bullies would disrespect our Constitution, and Mr Granger is operating like one. Bullies have no respect for anything; they do not even respect humanity.Just remember how Mr Granger disrespected thousands of sugar workers by cruelly forcing them on to the breadline. Editor, Mr Granger is dangerous, he should never be tolerated; and hopefully, the courts will force him to respect the Constitution and eject him from office.Also, as mandated by the Constitution, Mr Granger must fix a date for elections, and GECOM must accommodate that date. GECOM must always be in a state of readiness for elections to be called at any time.Our Constitution has been disrespected and trampled on for far too long by both Mr Granger and GECOM. This is the kind of collaborative bullying that obtains in our country, and it should never be allowed to continue.Of course GECOM is on the same immoral ground as Mr Granger. We all know that Mr Granger does not want to resign and call elections, and GECOM is enabling him to get away with this lawlessness. This is clear.GECOM has even undertaken a highly flawed and useless house-to-house (H-t-H) registration exercise, at the expense of tax payers, to delay preparations for the elections. This exercise was abruptly aborted, and now GECOM wants to merge the flawed and incomplete data from this exercise with the existing database of the National Register of Registrants (NRR). This is pure lawlessness. These people can’t be serious, and they need to be fired for lawlessness on the job.Merging the flawed data from the incomplete H-t-H registration exercise with databases of any kind must be rejected. It is insane, reckless and lawless. It will result in serious problems for years to come, plus it will cost an arm and a leg to fix.Further, I would like to remind Mr Granger that he climbed to power in a democratic environment, and this means that he must stand on moral ground to provide the same kind of democratic environment, and operate within it for the betterment of our country. This means that he must resign and call elections now. And if he fails in this regard, then he will naturally be viewed as nothing but a bully.Sincerely,Annie Baliram(PhD)last_img

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