20pcs Big Hair Barrette Bowknot Clips 15cm : Excellent quality and striking size

first_img Very good value for money, lovely bows, vivid colours – good size too. . These are exceptionally pretty. They’re very well made and my wife’s eyes lit up when she saw them because this is exactly the sort of thing she likes to wear in her hair. Her first question was: “have they got barrettes?”.And she was delighted when i told her they had. It would be so easy for a product of this nature to look cheap if the right materials weren’t used but the manufacturer has got it right with the satin style material being used which makes the colours more vibrant and even catches the light. As you can see from my pictures and those of the seller, there is a good selection of different shades of each colour. It’ll be a while before you (or the lady in your life) gets through all of these. My pictures below show the range of bows and close-ups of a golden yellow one, front and back. The last picture is of my wife. Introduction:welcome to my summersha 20 pack ribbon bowknots review. These bowknot bows come in a pack of twenty different colored bows. They are perfect for dress up and special occasions. Design:at 15cm each these are quite large bows that are perfect for placing on pigtails, on top of the head or even at the front. I can personally fit two on the front of my head. They use a clip to stay attached to the wearer’s hair. This clip is made of metal and is stuck to the bow using a strong glue. The bows are made of grosgrain material, which gives them a soft textured feeling. It also means they don’t look cheap and nasty despite actually being cheap to buy. Excellent quality and striking size. The first thing i noticed when i opened the package was how big these bows are – i know it said 15cm on the listing, but it hadn’t really registered. And with the ribbon being wide as well, these are very striking hair clips. The barrette clip is nice and sturdy, so little change of your bow flying away. And with 20 different colours in the pack, there’s one to match every outfit. The ribbon used is a quality grossgrain, so it has body and will keep its shape. Overall, an excellent quality pack at a value for money price. The seller sent me this product for review purposes at no cost. The opinions expressed are my own and reflect my true experience with this product. A positive review was not required. Excellent service and products. Gorgeous large bows in lovely colours. Would highly recommended this seller. Very good value for money, lovely bows, vivid colours – good size too.Gorgeous bows!!!Excellent quality and striking size20pcs Big Hair Barrette Bowknot Clips 15cm, SUMERSHA Hair Clips Grosgrain Ribbon Large Boutique Hair bows Hair Pins Alligator Clips for Girls Women 20 ColorsHairbow Size: approx. 6 Inches/ 15cmPackage quantity: 20pcs; 20 ColorsAttached with alligator hair clips, can stay firmlyThe fantastic variety of colors are so gorgeous bright and beautiful,great gift for girlsMade of grosgrain ribbon, comfortable and softlast_img

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