Brad Anderson to Shoot his New Film in Tangier

Rabat – American director Brad Anderson is moving forward to shoot his next film in northern Moroccan city of Tangier.Le360 reported that Brad Anderson is currently in Tangier alongside his production team in order to prepare for the shooting of his next film.The filmmaker behind Session 9, Transsiberian and The Machinist will stay in Tangier for ten days. The shooting is scheduled start s next April, according to the same source. Anderson’s new film will be one of the main shoots in Morocco in 2016, alongside “Sand and Blood”.It’s been reported last week that Saul Dibb’s “Sand and Blood,” starring Russell Crowe will  be shot in the southern city of Ouarzazate.Produced by The Independent Film Company, “Sand and Blood” is line produced by leading Moroccan outfit Zak Alaoui’s Zak Productions.During 2015, twenty-one long features and sixteen TV skeins were shot in Morocco through Nov. 30, per Ouarzazate Film Commission sources. Total features should reach 23-24 by year-end.Statistics by the Moroccan Cinema Center (CCM) revealed that foreign shoot numbers in Morocco have edged down vs. 2014 (27 features and 12 TV skeins); in terms of spend; the amount reaches $40 million, vs. 2014’s $110 million.

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