New Delhi is one of greenest areas of Capital city Baijal

first_imgNEW DELHI: LG Anil Baijal on Saturday visited Traffic Training Park, situated between Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and Shivaji Stadium Airport Metro Station in New Delhi.After visiting the Park, he said that once upon a time, Delhi was known as Garden City but the green area of Delhi had faced the concretization due to increasing urbanization. “However, it is a matter of pride that the New Delhi area is one of the greenest areas of the Capital city, having over 50 percent green cover and the survival rate of the sapling planted during the last few years is more than 90 percent,” he said. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”The avenues trees in certain stretches in New Delhi area are getting aged therefore, a special drive has been made to ensure the plantation, so that the avenue trees might be retained,” he added. Baijal expressed happiness over the redevelopment plan being undertaken by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) on a piece of five acres of land for two nurseries and adjoining area (Tikona Park), under Happiness Area initiatives. The LG has asked the NDMC Chairman Naresh Kumar to finalize a composite design in consultation with Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) and the entire facility is to be developed by NDMC being a single agency. Outlining the details of the redevelopment plan of Tikona Park, Naresh Kumar said that the Traffic Training facilities will be extended and made contiguous with the public green and opening up the potential green area for the public.last_img read more

Man held from Bagdogra Airport for trying to smuggle gold

first_imgDarjeeling: A man was arrested from Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri, with nearly one and a half kilogram of gold which he was trying to smuggle out. The gold was found hidden in his rectum.The man was scheduled to board an afternoon Air Asia flight to Delhi. While going through security check, the handheld metal detector of the security personnel began to beep while frisking his lower body. This aroused the suspicion of CISF personnel. He was then asked to walk through the doorframe metal detector. He was then interrogated by a CISF team and asked whether he had any metal implants in his body. When he replied that he did not have any implants, he was handed over to the Central Excise and Customs officials. During further interrogation, he broke down and admitted that he was carrying gold in his rectum. 9 gold biscuits wrapped in three black plastic packets were extracted. The recovered gold is worth around Rs 50 lakh. On January 15, one Gaurav Singh had been arrested from Bagdogra with gold biscuits weighing 900g.last_img read more

Nepal Ban calls on all sides to form consensus government after key

2 July 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on Nepal’s political parties to step up their efforts to form a consensus government in the wake of this week’s resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. Mr. Nepal resigned on Wednesday amid reports of tensions with other political parties which have members serving in the Constituent Assembly, the 601-member body set up as an interim legislature in the South Asian country until a new, permanent constitution is developed.The Constituent Assembly was elected in May 2008, two years after the Government and the Maoists signed a wide-ranging peace pact ending a decade-long civil war that claimed some 13,000 lives. The deadline for drafting the new constitution – considered a key element of the peace process – was extended in May as the parties remained deadlocked on issues such as power-sharing arrangements and the reintegration of the Maoist ex-combatants.In a statement issued by his spokesperson last night, Mr. Ban “encourages all parties in Nepal to intensify their efforts towards the formation of a consensus government that would prioritize the implementation of all peace process commitments.”The statement added that the Secretary-General is also urging there be “speedy progress on the issue of the integration and rehabilitation of Maoist army personnel.”The UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), established in 2007, has been assisting the country with the peace process. Its mandate, which runs until 15 September, includes monitoring the management of arms and armed personnel of both the Maoists and the Nepal Army, as well as in assisting in monitoring ceasefire arrangements. read more

CCTV video footage shows attack on Colombo night club

A security officer at the club sustained serious injuries in the incident and was admitted to hospital.A police complaint was lodged over the incident. (Colombo Gazette) The group who attacked the club used poles, including cricket wickets and caused extensive damage to the property. The attack took place after the son of the VVIP had left the club following an argument with the security officers at the club. CCTV video footage which surfaced on social media today shows the attack on a Colombo night club.The attack on the Clique night club in Colombo early Saturday morning reportedly involved supporters of a son of a VVIP.

Following elections Burundi needs worlds support more than ever – UN envoy

“Burundi has emerged from the crisis but it has been noticed that many countries fall back into crises because they do not receive the necessary support,” Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative, Carolyn McAskie, said of the small Central African nation of 6 million that is emerging from decades of ethnically-fuelled conflict between Hutus and Tutsis. “The international community must lend even more support to Burundi because the country will find itself in a very precarious situation if the newly-installed government does not have the necessary resources to meet the people’s needs,” she told journalists in Bujumbura, the capital. “What is necessary now is for the population to see the benefits of democracy and to remain hopeful. Voting is one thing and having a new government another. But what the population expects is to have security for the family, jobs, the possibility of educating children, and so on.” Ms. McAskie noted that the senate elections last Friday were hitch-free. “Judging from what I witnessed in Bujumbura Mairie and Bujumbura Rural, as well as the reports that I received from the field, I am convinced that the elections were very well organized,” she said. “The results show an overwhelming vote for just one party but that is the people’s will.” Ms. McAskie heads the UN Mission in Burundi (ONUB), set up in May 2004 to help cement a multi-party, power-sharing government and pave the way to peace in the small nation. read more

Regional religious leaders meet in Jordan in UNbacked bid to counter hate

The leaders met in Amman, Jordan, this week under the co-sponsorship of the UN Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect, Columbia Global Centers Middle East (Amman) and Columbia Global Freedom of Expression, building on strategies religious leaders from around the world adopted in Fez, Morocco, in April.The gathering was the second of five regional meetings of religious leaders to develop regional strategies to prevent incitement to violence. The first brought together religious leaders from Europe in Treviso, Italy, in September.“The readiness of all religious leaders gathered here in Amman – who come from different countries and have different faiths and beliefs – to work together to deal with this challenge is truly impressive,” UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng told the meeting, which ended yesterday.“I commend their commitment and their willingness to act, and look forward to seeing the results of this meeting. States are responsible for the protection of their populations, but everyone has a role to play. Given their spiritual leadership and influence, religious leaders have a special responsibility and their engagement is essential to prevent and counter incitement to violence that could lead to atrocity crimes.” The leaders proposed setting up a network of leaders from different religions to prevent incitement in the region, increase the awareness of State authorities of the challenges and the measures that could be taken, train religious leaders on the use of social media to reach wider audiences, and express solidarity with the victims of incitement to violence.The Fez meeting called for monitoring incitement, developing alternative messages, engaging in dialogue, revising education to appreciate all cultures, strengthening inter-religious and intra-religious dialogue and activities to ensure understanding, respect and communication, and engaging with political leaders.The draft Plan of Action agreed on there is being further developed at the five regional meetings over the next year, and will be adopted at a plenary meeting of religious leaders planned for next year.The draft recommends several other actions including dialogue training, mapping and networking of religious leaders who actively work to prevent incitement that can lead to atrocity crimes around the world, engaging with youth and ensuring a gender perspective in all actions proposed and undertaken. read more

Daily Gift Magic Wand TV Remote Harry Potter Would Approve

first_imgHarry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 is finally opening tomorrow, November 19. There has been a lot of Harry Potter news buzzing around recently, from spam scares, to BitTorrent leaks, to the Great Owl Shortage of 2010. But, have we got some news for you. The good people at ThinkGeek have offered the perfect holiday gift for any Potter fan: The Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote. For $89.99, you can pretend you’re a student at Hogwarts with the special power to change channels. Imagine this: You’re watching a totally fun episode of My Super Sweet 16 on MTV, and suddenly, Jersey Shore comes on. What do you do? With the flick of your wrist, you can change the channel with your magic remote-wand. Situation averted (pun intended). The remote looks just like a wizard’s wand. It has 13 magical functions to control your TV, and it learns from your existing remotes. By flicking the wand, you change the channel, and you can turn up the volume by twisting the wand. Check out a comical video from ThinkGeek after the jump.last_img read more

How Origin nearly ruined my Crysis 3 review

first_imgThe words on this page are not the words I intended to write. You should be reading my take on the third installation of Crysis, the story of how CryTek has aided in delivering a visually stimulating trip through the eyes of Prophet. Instead I’m going to talk to you about Origin, and how it made installing Crysis 3 was so difficult that I nearly gave up.Electronic Arts’ Origin digital download service has been around for a while. Well before Origin’s June 2011 launch it was clear to people at EA that Valve was going to consume PC gaming with Steam unless the company took their piece of the pie. The answer was to create their own digital store that handled transactions, authentication, and installation. Before Origin the company had EA Link and EA Download Manager, but neither had the comprehensive nature or complete control that Origin does.Origin has grown steadily since its launch, but there’s never been an overwhelming sense of enjoyment from the users. It’s something that exists because EA feels that it must, so the DRM’d content delivery wheel keeps turning.Just like Steam, Origin has a product code system that allows users to simply enter a code as proof of purchase for a title. It’s a simple gifting solution, and occasionally an easy way for game reviewers, like myself, to receive codes from the publishers in order to evaluate a title.Last week I was sent a code for Crysis 3, along with a series of instructions for installation and review. The process is fairly simple — all you need to do is paste the code into Origin and download the game once it’s available. Origin recognized my code, and my Origin library grew by one. The game was shaded out at the time, as it was not available for download yet. I was given a specific time to begin my review, as is typical in these situations (something not possible when a physical copy is sent).The time I was given came and went, and the game was still not available to download. Despite re-loading the application, double checking all of my personal settings, the game remained unavailable. As this was now 1:30AM and mere hours ahead of the launch, I sent an email to the appropriate people and waited for a response. I figured this was something simple, like a time zone mistake or maybe my email address was mistyped somewhere. We’re all human, and things happen, so I waited.The email response I got offered my a new product code, this time for the Hunter Edition of Crysis 3. Along with the code was an apology and instructions for installation. This time, the instructions included logging out of Origin, rebooting my computer, and entering the code in after the reboot.I brushed aside the feeling that I was just asked if I “had tried turning it off and back on”, and proceeded to enter the code into the Origin panel. Just like before, the code was recognized instantly, and the game was added to my inventory. I now had two copies of Crysis 3 in my library, only this new one was not shadowed out. I gave the commend to download and install, and went back to what I was doing. Once the progress bar had finally reached its destination, I threw on a pair of headphones and got ready to enjoy Crysis 3.I’ve had bad codes on Steam before, so I wasn’t all that worried yet. I hit “play” and prepared for war. Origin paused for a moment to authenticate my installation, just before the tell-tale flicker, the one that indicates the game is loading, an error message popped up. For whatever reason, Origin was under the impression I was running Windows inside a virtual machine, and would not go any further. The error message wasn’t accompanied by a code or any potential solutions. As far as Origin was concerned, my native installation of Windows 8 was virtualized so the game would not play.Support documentation for this issue was sparse at best, and the best anyone could come up with when I tried to contact Origin support was to uninstall Origin and start over. I tried that and didn’t get any further in the process, but it manage to soak up an hour of my life.As of last night I had completed four and a half hours of installation and maintenance in an attempt to play Crysis 3. When I started writing this article it was past midnight — a full day has passed since I first tried to install this game — and Crysis 3 had yet to start playing on my PC. I decided to call it a day and head to bed.When I got to my computer this morning, I didn’t even want to look at Origin. The defeat at the hands of that orange logo was enough to bring back all the rage I had felt from the night before. I’ll write what we are all thinking: it would have been less effort to simply search for a pirated copy, download it, and play the game, completely defeating one of the major reasons Origin exists.Right before I uninstalled the app (again), I figured I would give the “Play” button one more go. Nothing about my PC had changed. No settings had been adjusted, and my antivirus software hadn’t done a thing for hours. Crysis 3 started instantly and without incident.The good news is, I’ll be able to offer you the review I had intended on posting several days ago. The bad news is that I can’t imagine recommending a game that requires the use of Origin in the foreseeable future.last_img read more

LG has a curved battery to complement its curved smartphone display

first_imgLast week it was rumored, and this week it has been confirmed that LG is manufacturing a 6-inch curved display using plastic substrates for use in a smartphone.The jury is still out on the benefits on using a curved display in a handset, but the proof will inevitably come from actually using one. However, a curved display does pose some problems for manufacturers because other components aren’t curved. For example, how do you place a large, flat battery in a curved handset?LG is answering that question by not using the standard rechargeable batteries found in all modern smartphones today. While the company’s display division (LG Display) has been perfecting this new, curved display, LG’s battery division (LG Chem) has been perfecting a curved battery to go along with it. And that battery is already being mass produced.LG filed a patent for its curved battery back in August 2012 and it was subsequently published in May of this year. The patent describes a layered battery that is enclosed in a flexible pouch. The battery can be formed into a curve shape at point of manufacture by applying pressure to it using curved plates at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.It seems likely the new battery will be used in LG’s upcoming G Flex curved phone expected to launch next month. So we’ll be getting a smartphone with two new pieces of tech to try out. Hopefully the battery performs like any other in terms of battery life and overall lifetime as LG has plans to use it in watches and smart glasses as well as a range of phones next year. Who knows, we may even get a curved tablet.[Image credit: Yonhap News Agency]last_img read more

Matt Miner Unleashes GwarMageddon Upon Us All

first_imgForged in 90s hellfire, the Gwar mythos is a violent, ongoing fart joke starring a crew of space orcs known as the Scumdogs of the Universe. Gwar fight, freebase, and fornicate their way through an idiotic galaxy of robot clowns, battle popes, and kaiju. All this lore is a wrapper for what is a criminally underrated metal band. Each album has a theme, a big bad to fight and scummy humor that would make Deadpool blush.There’s a long tradition of Gwar comics that date back to the earliest incarnations of the band. Comics were a great, low-cost medium for the human artists behind Gwar to get their mythos out to their fans. The comics allowed the band to workshop ideas that eventually fueled the storylines of their albums and gonzo straight-to-VHS (old!) movies. Building off that tradition, Gwar is about to unleash upon this toilet Earth, a new comics venture. Behold GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON!GWAR successfully raised over $45,000 from 666 auspicious backers on Kickstarter to fund a 5-issue miniseries published by Dynamite Studios. Orgasmageddon is the brainchild of comic writer and life-long Gwar fan Matt Miner. Miner had found success writing comics (check out Critical Hit!) and had a dream to convince Gwar to hire him to write new Gwar comics. Dave Brockie, the human insides of Gwar’s singer and alpha-Scumdog Oderus Urungus was a friend of a friend and Miner, concocted a brilliant pitch to take to his idol. Then Brockie went ahead and died like a jerk. Life sucks. But it goes on. Thankfully, so did Gwar.19 year old Miner after X-Cops.Miner was undeterred. Through another comics connection, he was introduced to Gwar’s lawyer and artist Matt Maguire. Maguire has been a part of Gwar and their production company Slave Pit Inc. for thirty years. “Matt and I just hit it off,” recounts Miner “even at the table while I was pitching we had this collaborative energy.” The two Matts found each other. New Gwar comics will be made.“What people don’t necessarily understand is that Gwar’s a bunch of smart, intelligent nerds. They love comics, they love D&D, they love sci-fi.” gushes Miner. So it’s no surprise that the ORGASMAGEDDON story sends the current incarnation of Gwar on a trip through time where we’ll see “Gwar’s influence on modern reality. You’ll see how Gwar is really responsible for all the major turning points in history.” This is interesting because according to the lore, Gwar was frozen in Antarctica for thousands of years until they were thawed out in the late 1980s/early 90s. So while the original Scumdogs are frozen, this modern incarnation of the band is out there, bumbling through history, messing things up.The original Gwar comics were illustrated by Brockie, Maguire and several other artists from the Slave Pit collective. In keeping with that tradition, many of them will return to provide back-up stories and illustrations. Everybody working on the main story of ORGASMAGEDDON are big Gwar fans, including lineart by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, color by Marissa Louise and letters by Taylor Esposito. Trust in these nerds.Interested? Tell your local comic shop to order a thousand copies of GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON in Previews. Use order code APR171582 is for the standard cover A.To help get you excited, here’s an exclusive page Matt provided us (not final colors) and two covers: Cover A (the group shot with everyone + Sawborg) is art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, color by Josh Jensen Cover B (the one with Blothar front and center) is art/color by Scott WygmansView as: One Page Slides1. Exclusive!!!2. Cover A3. Cover B4. Order Detailslast_img read more

Milo Media Publishers Walk Out Plan to Launch Competing Company

first_imgIt also was not clear what portion of Milo’s overall workforce this loss represents. Although Milo reported a 37 percent revenue spike last year, the company was forced to reduce its staff in recent weeks. At the time, Domke declined to comment on specific layoffs. Eleven staffers remain listed on the company’s phone directory.From Defector to CompetitorMilo Media—which serves the construction, industrial, power, lifting and utility markets—was launched in 2005 when Domke left Cygnus as publisher of OEM Off-Highway magazine. He hired away a number of former Cygnus staffers, including Wolfgang Neuwirth and Greg Gerber, who served as publisher and editor of Cygnus’ RV Trade Digest.Domke wasn’t the only ex-Cygnus employee to launch a competing product. Last May, Paul Bowers, who was laid off as group vice president in July 2007 as part of a restructuring, launched Airport Improvement magazine. A few weeks earlier, former group publisher Greg Napert and three of his colleagues left Cygnus’ Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine to launch Director of Maintenance magazine, which targets aircraft maintenance business leaders. Not long after, Cygnus filed a lawsuit against Napert and his company, Impact Business Media, alleging that Napert and his colleagues broke confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements and disclosed Cygnus “trade secrets” by taking list information. The case is ongoing. A b-to-b publisher that was launched when its founder defected from another trade publisher is now facing a similar situation. Six staffers from Milo Media, including several publishers, resigned Friday with plans to launch a competing magazine publishing business.The employees who resigned include Bob Stange, director of custom publishing; Chris McClimon, publisher of Construction Supply magazine; Construction Supply editorial director Tom Hammel; Rich Vurva, editor and publisher of Progressive Distributor; business manager Linda Scott-McCabe; and production assistant Deb Pierce. Also making the jump is Patty O’Mera, who served as a sales consultant at Milo’s Progressive Distributor.Today, Stange, McClimon, Vurva, Scott-McCabe and Hammel announced the launch of Direct Business Media. The group—all of whom have ownership stakes in the new company—expects to launch a pair of bi-monthly magazines—Contractor Supply and Industrial Supply—by the middle of the year. Industrial Supply will carry a 30,000 circulation while Contractor Supply will have 18,000. The new magazines will compete with a number of Milo titles, as well as RBI’s Industrial Distribution and Cygnus Business Media’s Construction Distribution.Circumstances surrounding their departures were not immediately clear. When reached by FOLIO:, Stange and Scott-McCabe declined to comment. Milo Media president Mike Domke did not immediately return requests for comment.last_img read more

Childs Play Reboot Trailer Teases a Killer Chucky Robot Doll

first_img How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Becomes Universal Halloween Horror Maze Stay on target Chucky is back to haunt your dreams, and this time, he takes on the form of a robotic doll in the upcoming horror reboot film Child’s Play.On Friday, Orion Pictures released a new Child’s Play trailer, and it’s the ultimate creepy toy fest, where Chucky goes on a killing spree and torments people who encounter him. The horror film, which stars Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, and Gabriel Bateman, will premiere in theaters on June 21, 2019.Today, kids are engaging with technology in their everyday lives, and Child’s Play captures this concept in its story line. “We believe that happiness is about more than entertainment,” says a voice in the trailer. But, the quest to satisfy kids takes a deadly turn when Chucky, a robotic doll that’s supposed to be a best friend, mysteriously doesn’t live up to his name.When a boy is gifted with the seemingly-cute doll, things get bad, fast: He wakes up one night to hear something moving around his house, and then the trailer shows footage of people frantically running out of a toy store. The real icing on the cake is when the boy finds his mom (Plaza) constrained by the murderous toy and screaming for help.Even though some people might not be thrilled about the reboot, which is based on the ’80s movie with the same name, Child’s Play could be a bloody fun adventure. We haven’t seen many silly horror flicks on the big screen, so why not creep yourself out with this tiny doll? You might finally meet your best “killer” friend.More on Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2019‘Horror Noire’ Continues Scariest Black History Month Yet11 Forgotten Survival Horror Games That Need Remakeslast_img read more

The Choice For Your Business Netbook Or Smartphone

first_img Paul Korzeniowski”The netbooks are coming, the netbooks are coming, the netbooks are coming.” That cry is being heard from many market research firms. The pundits think that these low-cost, portable devices offer so many attractive features that they’ll soon displace smartphones. So how much attention should your company give to the emerging devices? Not too much, at least for the moment.ABI Research became the latest market researcher to project quick acceptance for netbooks. The firm expects unit sales to increase from 35 million in 2009 to 139 million in 2013. So the question becomes: What is driving such lofty expectations?Netbooks represent the latest attempt by laptop manufacturers to drive down the cost and size of their devices, so they become a more convenient option for users. These products typically weigh a couple of pounds and come with about 1 GB of RAM, a 16-GB SSD, and a 9- to 10-inch screen. Their communications options include an Ethernet connection, a Bluetooth link, and a Wi-Fi port.Cost is the big difference between these devices and traditional tiny laptops. Typically, users paid a premium (pricing often started in the $2,000 range) for lightweight systems, so sales were limited to top executives or salespeople. Recent advances in microprocessor technology — which now comes in low-cost, low-power-usage form factors, as well as increased capacity in devices, such as SSDs — has enabled vendors to deliver low-cost, high-function laptops. Netbook pricing ranges from $300 to $600, and the portable systems are geared as much to consumers as they are to the business market.The new focus is the main reason market analysts are so bullish about their potential, and their grandiose expectations have attracted a bevy of suppliers. Acer, Asustek, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Medion, MSI Computer, OLPC, and Samsung are among the vendors building netbooks. Some of these suppliers began shipping their products in 2008 and anticipate a huge uptick in interest this year. ABI Research supports such thinking and postulates that the use of smartphones has helped educate users about the benefits of mobile communications. However, the market research firm added that these devices have failed to deliver on their promise of providing rich Internet experiences, and netbooks are well suited to fill that void.But the emerging devices do have their downsides. They may be too small to be used by executives, with tiny, often cramped, screens and keyboards that can be difficult to operate. Also, the devices are new and seem to be suffering through some of the trials and tribulations found with nascent technologies. There have been reports that the rate of return for the devices has been much higher than standard notebooks. Biz360, a market intelligence firm, found that netbooks generate a 40% lower approval rating from consumers than other laptops do.The new devices seem to be experiencing mechanical problems. In some cases, features such as wireless connectivity have not been operating as advertised. Another problem is netbooks’ features are falling short of user expectations. They expect a full-function notebook but often find that the device is only suited to basic computing capabilities, such as e-mail and Web browsing. When the limitations become apparent, they return the systems.If that is the case, why would a small or midsize business buy a netbook? A smartphone provides the same features, has fewer bugs, and fits in your pocket, while a netbook is often placed in a briefcase. Also ABI claims that smartphones haven’t met most users’ expectations, but the market research acknowledged that handset suppliers shipped more than 171 million smartphones in 2008, which is more than the projected total of netbooks in 2013. From those numbers, it would seem that customers are quite satisfied with smartphone features and not pining for a replacement.Netbooks represent an interesting development in the laptop space, but the talk of their being a revolutionary technology seems overstated. They should appeal to users who need a simple, inexpensive (keyword) laptop. Right now, they don’t appear ready to displace smartphones. Also, given the kinks with the first-generation products, it would be wise for small and midsize businesses to wait awhile before trying to see how these devices can be integrated into their operations. In sum, the netbooks do not seem to be coming to small and midsize businesses — at least, not yet.See more columns by Paul Korzeniowski.Paul Korzeniowski is a Sudbury, Mass.-based freelance writer who has been writing about networking issues for two decades. His work has appeared in Business 2.0, Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Daily, Newsweek, and InformationWeek. 4 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » February 5, 2009 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

The 3 Letters That Could Help Your Business Grow Like Uber

first_imgSeptember 11, 2015 5 min read Enroll Now for Free Uber’s runaway success, which the company more colorfully describes as “seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps,” is a conspicuous source of inspiration for anyone building a business based on the smartphone revolution. But while a compelling app may be one key to a digitally-powered business, there’s another digital tool that may be just as or even more important to growth.Say hello to APIs, or application programming interfaces. Like Uber, every innovator should have a strategy for deploying them.Related: The Three Letters That Could Change Your Business: APIAPIs are everywhere.Application programming interfaces are behind the scenes almost anywhere digital experiences are being created. Every Google map you encounter represents a third party taking advantage of the Google Maps API. With as little as one line of code, developers can embed a customized Google Map into their own websites or apps. APIs enable digital communication.For that reason, in our increasingly inter-connected digital world, APIs have become more than just a convenience that helps developers build apps and websites faster. They have evolved into a strategic tool for companies to exchange value and drive business goals such as brand awareness, market share and increased revenue. APIs deserve a place of their own in your growth strategy.Leverage the power of “pull.”Taking advantage of APIs is all the more important as competition for attention intensifies in app stores. The power of apps to engage consumers is compelling: In the Apigee Institute’s 2014 Digital Impact Survey, nine out of 10 U.S. smartphone owners over the age of 18 expressed favorable feelings toward apps. Nearly one in four (23 percent) of those under 40 said they had started shopping at a new store in the previous year because of apps. At the same time, however, 76 percent of those surveyed agreed that app stores can be “cluttered and confusing.” Here’s where APIs can help.APIs provide an additional option beyond “pushing” marketing communications to potential app users, whether that means customers or partners. By offering something of value to others, their customer interactions do the work and generate “pull” back to your products and services. Let’s consider a few examples, including Uber, and some of the implications for creative uses of APIs.Related: 21 Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability and SuccessBuild on what’s special about your business.Uber’s API is recognized for providing what many find to be a great customer experience. It makes sense that partners like OpenTable and United airlines are eager to integrate the ability to book an Uber directly into their own branded apps and web experiences. But let’s look at another smart use of APIs by Uber.If a great experience is what “hooks” people as customers, one way to grow that experience is to invest in traditional approaches that convince customers to to try your product or service in the first place. We’re all familiar with advertising, special offers and coupons. But Uber has an API-based alternative: Through its API Affiliate program, the company covers a payment for any new Uber user who completes his or her first trip within the United States. Not only does this offer harness the creativity of others, but Uber pays only if that first trip actually occurs.Awareness, insight, revenue, and more . . . If you have a transaction-based product or service that could complement a third-party digital experience, you may have the opportunity to use APIs for revenue sharing. Walgreens’ Photo Prints API enables app developers to print photos to the printers at Walgreens locations. With every completed order, the app developer gains a share of the revenue.Transaction-by-transaction revenue sharing is one of the API business scenarios that get the most attention, but it’s not the only way to take advantage of APIs. If you have information or insight that enriches content, that can provide the touch point and awareness that builds your brand and wins that first app installation. To be sure, Amazon’s affiliate APIs do include opportunity for revenue sharing. But it’s much richer than simply embedding ads on a page: the My Favorites API, for example, enables a content provider to select, comment on and review a specific product.Whether a purchase occurs or not, this API can provide insight into trends, customer satisfaction and opportunities to build community. If your business is built around professional services staff, art or physical locations like hotels, consider enabling others to embed your assets and their comments anywhere, anytime.APIs may be the “unsung heroes” behind great digital experiences. But like digital natives Uber, Google and Amazon and traditional companies such as Walgreens that have embraced them, they hold tremendous potential for entrepreneurs who can orchestrate them to sing in concert.Related: Technology Is Making it Easy to Put the Personal Touch Into Digital Marketing  Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 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iTunes CPU Redux lessen iTunes Windows resource use

first_imgiTunes CPU Redux: lessen iTunes Windows resource use by Martin Brinkmann on August 18, 2017 in Software – 10 commentsiTunes CPU Redux is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices to tame the resource usage of Apple’s iTunes software on Windows.Apple’s iTunes software is quite the heavyweight on Windows systems. The program installs a lot of services on the system, and may run a number of processes at the same time.Some of these, for syncing data to Apple devices for instance, may not be needed on some systems. If you don’t connect Apple devices to the Windows machine, there is no reason for these services to run in the background.Tip: You can remove extra iTunes components that get installed during the installation of the software program. Note that you may remove only some and not all of the components as iTunes won’t work anymore if you remove some of the components.iTunes CPU ReduxThe iTunes CPU Redux software is a small program that is compatible with Windows 7 and newer versions of the windows operating system. It supports iTunes 10 or higher, and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.It needs to be installed on the Windows computer before you may run it. The program displays all options under Settings in its interface.Two of the three remaining tabs highlight other products by the company that created iTunes CPU Redux. These are not included and commercial programs.The application monitors Windows processes to find out if specific Apple processes are running. It scans the process list for “distnoted”, “Sync Server”, and for “MobileDeviceHelper”. If it finds those running, it will close them automatically.These processes may run even if iTunes does not. Some may require that you run iTunes on the system though.You may change the behavior for the last two processes by adding a rule that blocks the termination of the process if iTunes is open.If you need any of the processes, you may also exclude the process so that it won’t be touched by the application.Closing WordsThe application itself uses some resources since it needs to run in the background to do the scanning and killing of iTunes processes. It offers more flexibility when it comes to the iTunes processes however than the “don’t install in first place” solution. This is important if you require the functionality that they provide at times. If you don’t, you are better off removing the components and using iTunes without them instead.Now You: Which media player / manager do you use?Summary12345 Author Ratingno rating based on 0 votes Software Name iTunes CPU ReduxOperating System WindowsSoftware Category MultimediaLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Veteran Golden Globes producer reflects on favouri

first_imgVeteran Golden Globes producer reflects on favourite moments LOS ANGELES, Calif. – “Well, I don’t go back 75 years. Let’s make that clear,” says veteran TV producer Barry Adelman.Adelman may not go back to the origins of the Golden Globe Awards, which turn 75 this year, but he has been associated with the show for almost three decades, and executive produced every ceremony since 2001.As the show marks the milestone anniversary, Adelman shared some of his favourite Globes memories with The Associated Press.___THE FIRST ENCOUNTERAdelman remembers watching the Golden Globes on TV in his hometown of Chicago before coming out to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment business. But his first personal interaction with the show was actually by accident.“I remember the first year I was in California. My aunt and my mother came to visit me, and I was taking them around to various places,” he said. “We wound up stopping at the Beverly Hilton, and we found a place to park. We walked into the lobby and the Golden Globes were going on! And we saw all these stars walking past us. And you know, as people from Chicago, like Middle Americans, who share the same dreams and aspirations of people all over the country, it’s a very exciting thing. And it’s still exciting even today. So, yeah, it’s a long-term relationship.”The show is still held in the Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom, and these days the hotel offers special packages for visitors wanting to see stars on Golden Globes weekend.___THE EARLY DAYSAdelman first came to the Golden Globes as a writer after working on some smaller shows for dick clark productions.“It was exciting from the very beginning. I came in when we first came to NBC, which was, you know, that was the big year… I think that is the year that ‘Titanic’ won,” Adelman said. “And, you know, I think that was the year that Christine Lahti was locked in the bathroom — not locked there, but was in the bathroom when her award came up. And I think that was the year that Ving Rhames gave his Golden Globe to Jack Lemmon in an emotional moment that nobody was expecting. I mean, it’s hard to top that. We should check that that was all happened the same night, but in my mind, it did.”(He’s right. That was all at the Globes show in 1998.)___THE GOLDEN HOSTSThe Golden Globes operated without a host until Ricky Gervais was offered the job in 2009, and he skewered Hollywood with such zingers that some wondered if he’d be asked back. He was, three times.Adelman said Gervais’ approach “changed the whole climate of what these awards shows have become.”“Now you always seem to have a host that is going to say something memorable and maybe speak truth to power in a way that hadn’t been done so often in the past. And Ricky changed all that, so I certainly remember that first night,” he said. “And I certainly remember the first night that Tina (Fey) and Amy (Poehler) came in and that was amazing. I mean, talk about hitting a home run. They just knew exactly what buttons to push. They had so many friends in the room and everybody was very comfortable with them and rooting for them, and no matter what they said, they got away with it.”___CELEBRATING 75The diamond anniversary celebration will go on throughout the show, Adelman said.“We’ll have some people along the way that will remind you that this show has a rich history. Some of the stars that we remember and still love will be joining us, and most of them are still very, very active today. Also there’s going to be a little surprise moment in the middle which I’m not allowed to talk about yet but I’m sure — I’m predicting maybe a 30-minute standing ovation. I’m sorry, 30 seconds! A 30-second standing ovation. Thirty minutes and I’ll never get off the air in time.”___Follow AP Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen at full coverage of awards season, visit: by Sandy Cohen, The Associated Press Posted Jan 5, 2018 6:02 am PDT Last Updated Jan 5, 2018 at 6:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Yellow weather warning issued for Thursday

first_imgThe met office issued a yellow warning for Thursday as the temperature is expected to rise to 41C inland.The warning concerns the hours between noon and 4pm on Thursday.Temperatures in the other areas are expected to reach 33C in the west coast, around 35C in the other coastal areas and 31C in the mountainous areas.Friday and the weekend are expected to be slightly cooler and partly cloudy, the met office said.You May LikeFitness Engage7 Super Foods That’ll Super Charge Your Weight LossFitness EngageUndoAmazingWomanMagTop 30 Most Beautiful Women in the WorldAmazingWomanMagUndoAnswer MindTrying to Lose Weight? Eat These 5 Things!Answer MindUndo Bale’s China move called off by Real MadridUndoRomanian man missing from Paphos homeUndoWidowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

a new class of opaq

a new class of opaque solar cell materials,On Wednesday.

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