Toronto Strong Vigil

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be among thousands attending the Toronto Strong vigil tonight at the scene of the deadly van attack in North York.There are hundreds of bouquets of flowers, cards, posters, and messages of love, strength and resilience, and that’s the theme of tonight’s event. Its called Toronto Strong. Twenty-five thousand people are expected to come down to Mel Lastman Square to pay their respects to the victims of this horrific incident that has impacted the world.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto mayor John Tory to take part in this interfaith vigil.The tragedy is still fresh in the hearts of mourners, just six days ago, a man driving a rented white van, drove onto the sidewalk on Yonge Street killing 10 people, and injuring 14 others.Police have identified all of the victims who lost their lives. Eight women and two men, ranging from 22 to 94 years of age. Two of the victims are foreign nationals.During the vigil tonight, first responders will also be honoured for their work that has been called nothing short of heroic.The video of Toronto Police Constable Ken Lam arresting the suspected killer, Alek Minassian has been broadcast worldwide. The officer has been praised for his courage, and commended for his excellent de-escalation tactics. He arrested the accused without firing a single shot. read more